11 Responses to: What do you say when someone says they were busy? (2023)

Do you want to know what to say when someone says they were busy? Well, before you find a perfect answer for them, you need to confirm if they are really busy and what could keep them busy. If it's your partner, ask him to explain it to you. But if he's not your significant other or close friend, you should respect his schedule and try to ask when is the right time to text.

What to respond when someone says they're busy can be a daunting task, but one of the best responses is: Ok, I hope you're doing well.

Here are more ideas on how to respond when someone says they're busy, and when to use them:

10+ responses to "I've been busy."

1. "Oh, I just wanted to say hi."

Whatrespondedorfor someone when they are engaged depends on the person. For example, if it's someone you're not familiar with who sends you a text saying "I've been busy" after trying to contact you, that would be a good response. "I've been busy" can be rude to someone when you're around, but responding with "Oh, I just wanted to say hi" can seem like you're leaving the conversation. If they haven't texted or contacted you, you may not respond.

2. "Ok I hope you're okay?"

Like the first one, you can also use this answer if the person is yours.amigo, and it also depends on what you uploaded first. Maybe if you initially asked, "Where have you been?" and they say they've been busy so this answer is a good one.

3. "How's work going?"

You know that this person is busy, even if you are around them, you know that they have a very busy work schedule. So if she texted them or tried to reach them and they texted her that they're busy, it would be nice to send the message "How's work?" especially if you reach them during working hours. But if this keeps happening, it could mean that they are trying to avoid you.

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4. "Sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

Like I said before, it's not nice to say to someone, "I've been busy." It's like telling someone I'm busy and you're bothering me. So, you can send this message to the person to let them know that you didn't mean to upset them, and if you didn't message them first, pester them again.

5. "Okay, text me if you can."

If you're trying to get in touch with someone like your boss or a friend and they tell you I'm busy, this is a great option.respondedor. This lets them know that you are waiting for them to contact you.

6. "I was also working on my project."

They always say they're busy, which makes it seem like you're the one who doesn't have anything serious. You can respond with: Ok, I'm working on myProjectfor. It's like telling them that even if you're working on something, you're still trying to reach them, so they can't be too busy to reach you.

7. Say nothing:

Another tip on how to respond when someone says they're busy and you know they're not is to say nothing, get out of line, and do something else. If they want to contact you, they will try to contact you again.

8. "Oh, I see."

You know they lie because that has always been their excuse. She just sends this and leaves the conversation.

9. "Okay, please don't overwork yourself."

If you're dating someone and they text you that they're busy, you can send this to let them know you understand and care. They also need to retaliate by saying that they will contact you as soon as possible.

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10. "Ah! What was on your mind?

You know this person's schedule and now they always say they're busy or have been busy, send them that "Oh! What were you thinking?" They should say if they are avoiding you or not, if someone appreciates you they would say what they are thinking.

11. "Okay"

I wonder what to dorespondedorIf someone says they've been busy, the simple response to that response is "ok". This one is perfect, it works great no matter who the person is for you.

What does it mean when they say they are busy?

When someone says they're busy, it could mean they're busy. But if someone tells you this without further explanation, it means that for him you are not a priority, he has other things to do. Then let them know that it sounds like he's bothering them. Most of the time, people use "I'm busy" as a form of evasion. If you're trying to avoid someone, say you're busy. If someone truly loves you and is busy, you would be creative in saying so and not saying it outright.

Are you really busy?

If someone is very busy, they will always try to contact you when they have some free time. They would always be the first to contact you. If you need to continually remind them to call you in their free time, they may not be as busy as they say, they may just not want to talk to you.

How to text busy people

1. Contact her in your free time:

If it's someone close to you, you can take time off to maybe send a text, it's better than deleting messages without replying. If it's someone you don't know and they're always busy, you should ask them when you can text them and wait for their response.

2. Keep your conversation short:

If you are writing to people who are very busy, make sure to keep it short, especially if the text is simply a greeting to the recipient. That way, they'll know you're thoughtful and will find time to respond to you.

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3. Duplicate SMS not:

Duplicate texts can be annoying whether the person is busy or not. For a busy person, you should never double text unless he wants to annoy you or make you think he only cares about you.

4. Put yourself in their shoes (respect their busy schedules)

If you were in their place, would you always have time to write? You must take this into account and write how you would like to receive an SMS if you were in their place.

What to do when they tell you they are busy all the time?

It depends on who the person is for you, the level of warmth and closeness. If it's someone you want to contact about something like work and they say, for example, that they're constantly busy, you might want to give them some time and try to get back in touch, but be persistent.

However, if it's a close friend or someone you're bonding with, it's best to stay busy if they're always busy and you know they're not, or even if they are and don't try too hard and focus on yourself. If they value you enough, they will take the time to contact you, even if it's just a few minutes.

How do you treat someone who is always busy?

1. Communicate:

Communication is key when you want to resolve a problem with someone. If you think they're too busy, discuss it with them and both parties can write a proper texting plan that doesn't hurt either party.

2. Stay busy:

If you have a lot of free time, you can keep busy and relax at the same time. You will always win when you are busy with something. Go out with friends or find other ways to distract yourself.

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3. Resist the urge to text all the time:

Even when you're busy, it can be tempting to call someone, especially if you're the clingy type. You have to resist that urge.

4. Let them write first in their free time:

Let them start the conversation first, if they do then you can follow them. But don't get too talkative because they might want to leave soon.

5. Maximize the time you can spend with them

If you only write or see them a few times, use them well. Make every minute of this day precious and create memories that last.

What does it mean when a girl tells a guy she's busy?

When a girl tells a guy that she's busy, it's quite possible that she really is. We all have jobs or things to do. If you are trying to make friends with a girl and she says that she is busy all the time, she could indicate that she does not want to talk to you or that she is not interested in you. If you don't take the hint right away, you may need to say it directly and perhaps rudely.

But when you date someone and you always claim to be busy and feel like they're not and they never bother to explain things to you or try to reach out to you when they're free, then that means they're trying to tell you that they've lost interest. in you.

What does it mean when a man tells a woman that he is busy?

Como se aplica a una mujer, también se aplica a un hombre. Cuando un hombre dice que está ocupado y lo hace todo el tiempo sin tratar de hablar contigo cuando está libre, piensa que no eres lo suficientemente importante como para ser su prioridad. De hecho, nadie está demasiado ocupado para las personas que ama.

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Can you be too busy?

Yes, people are busy with work, but when someone is too busy to catch up with someone they care about, that's just not possible. Once you've taken care of someone, you find ways to fit them into your schedule, although you can't always reach them, there are always attempts.


Now you know how to respond when someone says they were busy. I hope you use them when you need them. Being busy is not always a dating problem. A busy couple can make a real effort and a healthy relationship is possible. But you have to stop with someone who says he's busy and doesn't call you for days even if you try to get back to him. You keep getting the same "I'm busy" text message. However, if it's someone you don't know and they're busy, you should respect their schedule and try to request time off that you can use to text.


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