21 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons: Are They the Right Dogs for You? (2023)

Golden Retrievers have been a breed of choice for many years. I've even had experience with those golden sunset clouds.

These are the perfect teddy bears in my opinion (they're definitely big enough to hug!), but in case you haven't sold them yet (unfortunately, they're not perfect for everyone), let me enlighten you on raising them.

A little about the race.

The Golden Retriever is a proud Scottish hunting dog bred by Dudley Marjoribanks, Lord Tweedmouth since 1840.

He was an organized man and we have some of the best preserved records of how this breed came to be, which differs from many other pure breeds.

Lord Tweedmouth designed a perfectly balanced breed.

These dogs are up to 24 inches tall and weigh 75 pounds. This makes them perfect for running through wetlands to retrieve waterfowl (as the name suggests!) from their owners quickly and without hassle.

Not even a feather is out of place on their pretty little heads!

Golden Retrievers really took off in popularity in the 1970s because of President Gerald Ford's Golden Retriever, nicknamed Liberty of course, and now ranked third among the 193 most popular breeds by the American Kennel Club.

Now let's look at the pros and cons of the Golden Retriever.

Golden retriever profesional

21 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons: Are They the Right Dogs for You? (1)1) You are the perfect partner, no matter the type

Not that there are a lot of pet videos on YouTube... but a lot of them are golden retrievers who make excellent babysitters.

They will tolerate sitting, being pushed, whatever; Your retriever can be the perfect mother to just about anything.

Just a word of caution, they would never mean anything nasty, but a little hopping for a (big) retriever and small pet is a little different...

2) You are excellent on the show.

Their good nature, desire to please, and high intelligence make them excellent in a variety of skills.

Especially agility, obedience and tracking become child's play with this breed.

3) They are family-oriented dogs

They love to please multiple people. There is never enough affection for your golden retriever.

These large teddy bears are particularly popular with children. You couldn't ask for a better keeper, kind, patient and caring eyes are traits this breed excels at.

Just keep in mind that its size can, of course, lead to accidentally playing games of dominoes with little ones.

4) They will always be your puppies

Golden Retrievers stop growing when they are about a year old, but they don't "grow up" until they are about 4 years old.

(Video) Golden Retriever vs. Labrador: Which Breed Is Right For You?

This does not mean bad behavior, but a lot of play energy, like a happy child.

5) They are very easy to train

These dogs are highly intelligent and love to please, a perfect match for an obedient dog.

You can start teaching basic obedience as soon as your puppy has gotten used to it and he should be making good progress with the basics by the time he is 12 weeks old.

A good training ratio and plenty of positive rewards should mean your Golden Retriever exemplifies good old-fashioned sitting, but you'll also surprise other dog owners if you decide to expand your repertoire of tricks.

6) You have an incredible temperament

They just love to love. Intelligent, caring, eager to please. You will really have trouble finding a better behaved breed.Golden Retrievers have long been excellent service dogs.

Dedication, the ability to learn, an excellent work ethic, and the utmost concern for the well-being of your human companion are in the mix. There are no compromises here.

It takes an excellent cutting dog as a guide dog. Selective disobedience is a triumph of canine intelligence.

A dog who loves you enough to sulk when you tell him he's old, but brave enough (when trained) to deliberately break an order for the "greater good."

For example, a Golden can be trained to pull an owner back onto the sidewalk if crossing is unsafe, even though the owner has told the dog to cross. How amazing is that!

The potential for the perfect dog is very high with this breed!

7) They don't mind getting dirty

Dive in the sea? A mud puddle? They love it so make sure you have a towel handy and waterproof if they shake!

Swamps are the home of nature, which is why stereotypical people call it a "real" dog. The one who is willing to do anything without worrying about a bad skin day.

They also don't care if it rains or not. When it's time to sightsee, you can count on service no matter the weather.

This is perfect for anyone who enjoys hiking, water sports, or just not a fair weather runner (like me!).

8) Your unconditional loyalty

21 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons: Are They the Right Dogs for You? (2)

These dogs were bred to return your prized waterfowl. They will always come back with a whole bird intact.

You may not want them to return from your local pond with an unfortunate duck, but the memory should be in the blood of these Golden Retrievers.

Fortunately, hunting instinct is in short supply in this breed, as they only return with treats that the owners have already thrown away.

(Video) Things NOBODY tells you about owning a Golden Retriever

His local ducks can be sure that he would never run away and eat them himself. They are completely dedicated to you and they definitely want to make you happy.

9) Hygiene requirements are simple

The coat can be long and double-coated to provide some water resistance, but grooming is fairly easy.

A biweekly brushing and occasional bath when dirty is enough to maintain this coat.

If the coat is more than tolerable, more frequent brushing, even daily during the moulting period; Spring and fall should try to keep housework to a minimum.

For help washing your golden retriever, check out this articleThe best shampoo options for golden retrievers.

10) They are true lovers of water

Do you love your water sports? Golden Retrievers love to swim. They even have a two-layer water-repellent coating, which probably makes them feel more at home than in the water.

I'm not a big fan of water...remember to leave a towel in the car or by the door just in case!

11) You are so kind

Born to retrieve waterfowl without harm, which is now often demonstrated with eggs, it shows that a retriever can't even harm a fly.

Their gentle nature, along with an excellent temperament and willingness to learn, makes them great teddy bears to cuddle with without worrying about complaints.

12) They are very healthy dogs

Of course, every dog's happiness is different and just because a breed is healthy doesn't mean it doesn't need to see a vet, but it's good news if you want to keep things as easy as possible health-wise. .

There are some default conditions shown below, but you must have a long and healthy relationship with your golden retriever.

Contras Tun Golden Retriever

These dogs are awesome, but here are some of the downsides.

1) Expect fur everywhere

Long hair and a double coat seem to mean a lot of hair everywhere except on the dog.

This makes them almost unbearable for allergy sufferers.

It's important to note that some people find some coats worse than others, so it's always best to spend time with someone of the breed in case this coat season causes allergies.

Personally, I found that long hair only collected dirt. On a nice, dry day she didn't shoot anything, but she always came home with layers of red dust.

It must come from the ground I live on. Red earth, red dust. It makes sense.

No dog equals a good, clean house without increasing the frequency of cleaning, so be sure to make an effort to do so.

(Video) EVERYTHING You Need To Know About the GOLDEN RETRIEVER

2) You can't leave her

Affectionate, loyal and devoted makes a dog love company.

This means that if your family works all day, this is not the breed for you, as it is unfair to the dog. They will end up feeling anxious and may pretend to chew on dining room chairs.

To avoid this, if you really feel a retriever is for you, consider a dog sitter or friend who can always be there.

The frequency of abandonment when your dog sees you and whether you work professionally will determine how kind the dog handler will be to you. That gets expensive, even with escort fees.

3) Lots and lots of energy

If you enjoy two long walks a day, endless games of fetch, and a healthy dose of swimming, then this dog will be a lot of fun no matter how busy and relaxed he gets on the couch.

Then this breed might not be for you. Without at least an hour of proper high-intensity exercise, this dog can become restless, and a restless dog tends to turn to a mischievous pup no matter how many hours of training you put into it.

4) They like to chew

21 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons: Are They the Right Dogs for You? (3)Golden Retrievers love to put things in their mouths. This has made their owners proud for so many years.

The best way to counter this. especially when your pup is teething, make sure anything he really wants to be complete is out of reach.

These dogs can often reach tables and counters before they've been trained not to jump, so think big!

Trained once when youDog still enjoys a good chewAnd a good toy bone isn't enough, maybe increase your dog's exercise or try some mental stimulation like a game for these smart canines.

5) They eat like kings

A large dog always needs a lot of food, and this breed has a healthy appetite.

On average, two to three cups of good quality dry food with two meals a day is recommended, but of course it all depends on your Golden Retriever.

A smaller dog or a slightly chubby dog ​​that needs to lose weight will need less than a larger dog.

Always check the brand specific amounts for your dog's weight and always follow your vet's recommendations.

6) There are some health issues to consider

There is some truth to the rumor that this type of breed suffers from hind leg problems.

The American Kennel Club says that your breed is prone to elbowing andhip dysplasia(a condition that affects the "fit" of ball joints), some eye disorders, including some that affect young dogs, and some kidney and heart disorders.

It is common in many breeds for some medical conditions to be more common due to the way the dog breeds are bred, but this is relatively low compared to other breeds.

Regardless of the breed, it's important to be prepared for vet bills, you could get lucky and live a long and happy life, or you could get unlucky and have some weird complications.

(Video) Golden Retriever vs. Labrador Retriever: Which Is Better?

I have had dogs that only needed veterinary care well into old age for vaccinations and general checkups, and others that needed multiple surgeries from an early age due to developmental issues.

Everything is a big lottery and it is always better to have comprehensive veterinary insurance from the day you buy it.

It is always worth checking the breeder's background and whether they have been screened.

This not only helps reduce the risk of these more common diseases, but also shows a good breeder has researched the breed.

7) Don't expect a scary watchdog

Goldens will be aware of everyone around them and some may bark to let you know they are, but they are just not scary.

They don't tend to be protective, so they may assume their "unexpected" visitor is a welcome guest.

The only help he can get is a very excited pup who tries to take down the intruder by wagging his tail and hugging him!

8) Not suitable for apartments

They are simply too big and require too much power. They need a decent size house and just need a garden.

Not to mention that a large dog occupies a good part of the sofa, so it is preferable to have space for a large sofa or more than one!

9) You are not motivated

A Golden Retriever loves to play, but really only plays with their owners. Don't expect him to run around the garden to get tired.

Save all your energy most of the day; go with you!

final thoughts

21 Golden Retriever Pros and Cons: Are They the Right Dogs for You? (4)Our final thoughts on the pros and cons of the golden retriever. Golden Retrievers are one of the most complete dog breeds in my opinion.

They have many good qualities, which is why most guide dogs are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Labrador in adorable fluffy form. The "perfect" breed.

Unfortunately, they do have some downsides, but especially when they fit into your lifestyle.

It is highly unlikely that you will change your lifestyle to suit a dog's needs, so make the breed suit you, not the other way around.

Simply put, if you don't like long, muddy hikes now, you probably won't in the next 12 years.

If you want to read more about Golden Retrievers, check out this article below.Golden Retrievers contra Goldendoodles.

We hope this helps you decide if this breed is for you or if you just enjoyed learning about them.

(Video) 12 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers are Such Awesome Pets

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What are the pro and cons of a golden retriever? ›

Golden Retrievers' biggest pros are their friendly nature, which is defined by their affectionate and peaceful character, eagerness to please, and easy trainability. However, Goldens also have some cons to consider before buying, such as their heavy shedding, exercise needs, and love of food.

Is A golden retriever the right dog for me? ›

If you have TONS of patience, lots of time, a strong commitment to training – and don't mind having little muddy footprints on your floor, holes in your carpet, or teeth marks on your baseboards and furniture, a golden retriever puppy may well be a good fit for you.

Why is a golden retriever right for you? ›

A golden retriever is loyal to his family. A golden retriever is eager to please his owners, making him easier to train. A golden retriever is very active, which means he loves to play for long periods of time. A golden retriever has a laid-back personality, which is a big bonus with young children.

Is golden retriever good or bad? ›

Golden retrievers are great family dogs and are good with children. Goldens love nothing more than being with their families. They're very social animals and are happiest when they're around people. They're also typically good with kids of all ages.

What are the negative things of Golden Retriever? ›

  • Big and hungry. This breed gets big (55-75 pounds) and will gladly get bigger if overfed.
  • Needs vigorous exercise (and a lot of it). Daily workouts of 40-60 minutes are a must for this breed. ...
  • Holy shed. ...
  • Not great at being alone in an apartment all day. ...
  • Prone to certain health problems.
Mar 31, 2016

Are Golden Retrievers difficult dogs? ›

Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being intelligent and eager to please. They're quick learners and are one of the easier breeds to train. Nonetheless, owners of this dog breed say it will take time and patience.

Can you trust a golden retriever? ›

Golden Retrievers are intelligent and loving animals. Despite their larger size, they're extremely well-balanced and can be very sensitive. This breed is affectionate and loyal and gets along well with both other animals and strangers.

Do Golden Retrievers make you happy? ›

There's a reason why the family-friendly golden retriever is so popular. Golden retrievers are everything you could ask for in a pet — friendly, happy, loyal, fun-loving, intelligent and caring. These pets bring laughter to anyone and everyone and seldom get angry.

Are Golden Retrievers good for seniors? ›

If there's one thing a golden retriever can't go without, it's a task. That's why goldens make great pets for seniors or retirees that are looking for new activities to replace work. Golden retrievers also make great walking companions, especially because they need at least an hour of exercise a day.

At what age do Golden Retrievers calm down? ›

When Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down? Golden Retrievers are a hyper dog breed, however, like most dogs, they tend to calm down after their puppy phase, around 2 or 3 years old. Golden Retriever females of the breed tend to mature faster obedience-wise than males, so they are more likely to be calmer overall.

Why does my golden retriever follow me everywhere I go? ›

If your dog follows you everywhere then it's a sign that they trust and love you and that you make them feel safe. Following you very closely can be a sign that they're bored, they want something, they're feeling scared or are just being nosy.

Why does my golden retriever push against me? ›

A dog will push against you because he wants attention, affection, and comfort. They're smart enough to know that they will get a certain response by leaning on their owners. According to dog experts, canines will push against their owners to show love and seek out touch.

Do Golden Retrievers bark a lot? ›

Barking. The Golden Retrievers are a very vocal breed and barking issues are often a behavior that Bark Busters is called to address. Don't allow your Golden Retriever to demand attention from you, by barking and then getting your attention or a response from you.

Can golden retriever be left alone? ›

Golden Retrievers can be left alone as long as they are cared for and not neglected. Adult Golden Retrievers can be left alone for up to 4 hours; they definitely should not be left for 8 hours. Leaving a young puppy for too long is also cruel as they need pee breaks, stimulation, food, and water.

What is the best thing about Golden Retrievers? ›

Golden retrievers are playful, yet gentle with children, and they tend to get along well with other pets and strangers. These dogs are eager to please, which probably explains why they respond so well to obedience training and are such popular service dogs.

Why not to buy a Golden Retriever? ›

Goldens are prone to allergies, skin problems, cancer and hypothyroidism and you may have to spend a fair amount on vet care over the life of a golden. Common inherited health issues are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, various eye problems and heart disease.

What age are Golden Retrievers most difficult? ›

The adolescence period starts about the age of 5 months and lasts until they are about two to three years old. The most difficult is usually between 8 and 18 months (which is when most dogs are surrendered to rescues and shelters).

Why does my golden retriever growl at me? ›

Growling is one of the many ways dogs communicate; they growl to let us know they are afraid, feel threatened, in pain, or need us to back away from their possessions or territory.

Do Golden Retrievers destroy furniture? ›

Of course, being a retriever, it should be expected that they will stick things in their mouths – but it doesn't mean they have to destroy all your stuff! Whether it's an adult or puppy, Goldens can definitely have a chewing problem.

Are Golden Retrievers hard to potty train? ›

The good news is that retrievers are very intelligent and should be relatively easy to potty train. Remember, the younger you start training your pup, the easier and faster he will learn.

Do Goldens like to cuddle? ›

Goldens make the best pillows. They're unbelievably friendly and just want to spend quality time with their family members. It's a good thing they love to cuddle.

What are the 3 types of Golden Retrievers? ›

While you might think all Golden Retrievers look very similar, the breed actually has three different colors -- golden, light golden, and dark golden -- as well as three different types -- English, Canadian, and American. There are subtle differences between the types of Goldens, but they all fall under the same breed.

Do Golden Retrievers have behavior problems? ›

Because of their innate friendly, family-oriented behavior, goldens may suffer from separation anxiety at a higher rate than some other breeds. Their need to be with us can lead to some unwanted behaviors. Dogs with mild separation anxiety may drool, pace, whine, and generally behave in a distressed manner.

Do golden retrievers like to sleep with you? ›

They enjoy sleeping with you because it makes them feel safe and comfortable. Sleeping together gives dogs an emotional connection to their owners. Dogs feel love and gratitude towards you, just like you feel towards them.

Do golden retrievers like to sleep a lot? ›

If you own a Golden Retriever puppy, you may notice they are sleeping almost as much as they play during the day. Watching a Golden Retriever sleeping is one of the most adorable and peaceful things to see. But how much sleep do Golden Retrievers need? It's normal for a Golden Retriever to sleep 12-14 hours per day.

Are Golden Retrievers hyper or calm? ›

The Golden Retriever is a high-energy dog and one of the more hyper dog races. The reason is due to their past as working dogs. Golden Retrievers love to get care, go on adventures, play all day, and more, but this level of power could get out of hand (especially for new partners) if it remains unchecked.

What is the best dog for a retired person? ›

10 Best Dogs for Seniors
  • #1: Shih Tzu. The elegant Shih Tzu prospers with plenty of love and attention. ...
  • #2: Pug. ...
  • #3: Pembroke Welsh Corgi. ...
  • #4: Poodle. ...
  • #5: French Bulldog. ...
  • #6: Miniature Schnauzer. ...
  • #7: Greyhound. ...
  • #8: Maltese.

What is the best dog for an elderly lady? ›

The 6 Best Dogs for Seniors: Top Low-Maintenance Fur Friends
  • Pomeranian. Small dogs are ideal for apartment living. ...
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. One of the best breeds of dog for seniors is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. ...
  • Pug. ...
  • Shih Tzu. ...
  • Bichon Frise. ...
  • West Highland White Terrier.

What is the mental age of a Golden Retriever? ›

“Their stunning flashes of brilliance and creativity are reminders that they may not be Einsteins but are sure closer to humans than we thought.” According to several behavioral measures, Coren says dogs' mental abilities are close to a human child age 2 to 2.5 years.

How do you stop a Golden Retriever from jumping on you? ›

Stop the person from approaching by telling them you don't want your dog to jump. Hand the person a treat or get a treat ready in your hand to reward your pup for good behavior. Ask your dog to "sit." Tell the person they can pet your dog and give them the treat as long as your dog remains seated.

How do you know when a Golden Retriever is sad? ›

The symptoms of depression will vary depending on the individual dog and the severity of the problem. There are some key things to look out for, however, including changes in body language during their interactions with people and other pets, decreased appetite, and lethargic behavior.

Are Girl Golden Retrievers more calm? ›

Female golden retrievers tend to be calmer than males. While both require attention, the females are slightly less high maintenance. This means they will welcome your affection and seek it out when they want it, but they will also do their own thing if they have had their fill of attention.

Why do Golden Retrievers follow you to the bathroom? ›

“The main reason dogs follow us to the bathroom is because they like to be where we are,” Dr. Coppola explains. “Dogs are obligate social animals, which means socialization is a genuinely natural behavior for them. This is part of what makes them such fantastically loyal companions.”

Why does my golden retriever follow me to the bathroom? ›

If your dog follows you into the bathroom, it's likely a result of their animal instinct and pack mentality. Canines who do this are referred to as “Velcro dogs,” due to their desire to be attached to your side. They may follow you around, even to the bathroom, to protect a part of their pack.

Why does my golden retriever steal everything? ›

The most common reason why do dogs steal things is lack of attention or entertainment. Dogs will very quickly learn that if they pick up a certain item, the human will play a ruddy good game of chase with them. Make sure that your dog has had enough physical exercise AND mental exercise so they can relax properly.

What does it mean when a dog rests his head on you? ›


Others show affection by resting their head on your knee, and some lean against you. It's important not to push your pet away when he's expressing his love. That's the time to strengthen your bond and enjoy the special moments of affection.

Why do Golden Retrievers bite your arm? ›

Sometimes, Golden Retrievers will bite in response to fear or distress. Dogs bite as a reaction to something. If the dog finds himself in a stressful situation, he may bite to defend himself or his territory. But he may also bite because of pain.

What does it mean when a dog licks you? ›

Licking is a natural and instinctive behaviour to dogs. For them it's a way of grooming, bonding, and expressing themselves. Your dog may lick you to say they love you, to get your attention, to help soothe themselves if they're stressed, to show empathy or because you taste good to them!

How many times do Golden Retrievers poop? ›

A good rule thumb is that dogs should poop at least once a day. Some may poop up to five times, others two or three. Anything over five could be worth keeping an eye on.

Do Golden Retrievers like water? ›

Most Goldens love to swim, and it's excellent exercise for them, even when young. Introduce them to water and let them explore on their own. If they are unsure about the water, you might get in and swim out a bit to encourage them, but let them take their own time.

Do Golden Retrievers bark at intruders? ›

Not A Guard Dog

Golden Retrievers will likely bark when someone approaches your home, but don't count on them to scare away burglars. Due to their uber friendly personalities, they're more likely to offer intruders a spot of tea than chase them away.

What is the cleanest house dog? ›

The Chow Chow combines many “clean” dog characteristics, and according to the AKC, owners report that Chow Chows “are the cleanest of dogs: they housebreak easily, have very little doggy odor, and generally are as fastidious as cats.” At certain times of the year, however, Chow Chows shed… a lot!

How long can Golden Retrievers hold their pee? ›

On average dogs can hold their pee for up to 10-12 hours is they have to. If the need arises and your pet will be home alone for that long, most young dogs will manage, but asking them to do this on a regular basis may have some negative consequences.

Why do dogs sleep by your feet? ›

It's a normal behavior for a dog to settle down at their owner's feet. This may be a way of showing affection, just as you would choose to sit next to a friend or loved one. Some dogs are content to stay on the floor instead of sitting next to you on the couch, so they end up right by your feet or on top of them.

What does owning a golden retriever say about you? ›

Golden retriever people are really great at making others feel comfortable. There's something safe and inviting about them - you have the desire to be around them and get to know them. Golden retriever lovers are easygoing and agreeable.

Do you need a big house for a golden retriever? ›

The beloved Golden Retriever breed is not suitable for smaller houses, but if you've got a medium to large-sized garden, they'll often be happy to adapt. Due to their high exercise requirements, this breed will need regular long walks and plenty of outdoor activities as they need to keep busy.

What it's like owning a golden retriever? ›

Golden Retrievers can be a great family dog for an active family due to their high energy levels, but also calm natures and intelligence. They can be easy dogs to train and can make good first dogs for new dog owners, as long as you know what you're getting into taking on a larger breed dog.

Can Golden Retriever be left alone? ›

Golden Retrievers can be left alone as long as they are cared for and not neglected. Adult Golden Retrievers can be left alone for up to 4 hours; they definitely should not be left for 8 hours. Leaving a young puppy for too long is also cruel as they need pee breaks, stimulation, food, and water.

What to know before you get a Golden Retriever? ›

5 Things You Should Know before Getting A Golden Retriever
  • You must make room for your dog and her hair.
  • You shouldn't leave your Golden Retriever alone for more than 4-5 hours a day.
  • You'll have to hide your shoes because Goldens love to chew.
  • If you're a couch potato then this dog is not for you.

Do Golden Retrievers sleep all night? ›

It's normal for a Golden Retriever to sleep 12-14 hours per day. If your dog is a puppy, it will likely sleep even longer.

What do Golden Retrievers like the most? ›

Golden Retrievers love to run around and play outside. They love water and tend to jump in whenever they get the chance! Golden Retrievers also love to tug on things with their mouths, whether sticks or toys.

What type of person owns a Golden Retriever? ›

Labradors and Golden Retrievers

Owners of these breeds put their families first and said to be easy going and carefree. Labs and goldens are known for having an active lifestyle and loving the outdoors. People who own these breeds are social butterflies who are honest and lovable.

Can you trust a Golden Retriever? ›

Golden Retrievers are intelligent and loving animals. Despite their larger size, they're extremely well-balanced and can be very sensitive. This breed is affectionate and loyal and gets along well with both other animals and strangers.


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