Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (2023)

Whatever the time of year, we all know that the weather in the UK can be incredibly unpredictable – going from one rainy, overcast day to blazing sunshine the next, often leaving us unprepared for what lies ahead each day. . Add to that the fact that we're spending more time at home between work and rest, and more and more of us are understandably turning to fans and heaters to deal with any changeable weather.

With the best fans, you can stay comfortable in your home every month of the year, even without fancy air conditioning. And there are models that fit in all pockets and apartments.

It should be noted that most fans work by simply circulating the existing air rather than cooling it down, but increasing the airflow in your space goes a long way toward wicking away sweat, lowering your body temperature, and making you feel sedated. nice breeze blowing through the house. Oscillating fan options replicate this well, and some even have a feature that varies the fan intensity, almost making it feel like you're sitting in the shade on a cool summer day.

Some high-end fans promise to deliver cooler air in a similar way to an air conditioner. There are many great options for fans that fit on your desk, slim fans that can be tucked away in the corner, and bladeless fans that provide extra safety for kids and pets. We also preferred fans with timers and silent modes in our roundup, which are great to use in a bedroom while you sleep.

We've taken a look at some of the best and most popular brands and ranked them based on design, effectiveness and more. Scroll down to see what we think, and if you suffer from humidity and heat, check out our ratings.The best dehumidifiersto remove moisture and condensation.

The best fans of 2023

Why you can trust Ideal HomeOur experts spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best one for you.Learn more about how we test.

Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (1)

(Image credit: Duux)

1. Duux Whisper Flex Smart Support Fan

the best fan ever




Speed ​​settings:26




reasons to buy


Table and standing fan in one


Smart, Google Home-compatible features


Optional battery for cordless use (sold separately)

reasons to avoid


not wireless per se


Control can be difficult without an app

By far our current favorite fan, the Duux Whisper Flex Smart Fan offers incredible, yes, flexibility. True to its name, it can be used as a table fan or converted into a standing fan with the included extender, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs at the moment. At 35 inches tall, it's shorter than some, but we found it was just neck-length when seated, making it ideal for the home office.

Once set up with the app, you can switch between massive 26-speed settings, and you can also choose between a continuous flow of air and something more akin to natural wind (which rises and falls like a real breeze). Night mode ensures the base's LED display doesn't keep you awake, and to top it off, you can set the fan to swing vertically, horizontally, or both.

It's compatible with Google Home and you'll at least need the app to control the fan. Controlling the fan takes a little getting used to, but as long as you have a phone and WiFi you shouldn't have too many problems.

dream houseRating: 5 out of 5 stars |Read our full review ofDuux Whisper Flex Smart-Lüfter

Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (2)

(Image credit: Meaco)

2. Meaco MeacoFan 1056 Luftumwälzer

best table fan

(Video) Best Pedestal Fan: Top 5 Cooling Pedestal Fans





Speed ​​settings:12


Dimensions:45,7 x 36,1 x 33,4 cm


reasons to avoid


The noise level experienced by some buyers was different from ours.

Air circulators don't just move some air towards your face to create the illusion of cooling. Instead, they displace all the air in the room so it feels cooler. The award winning MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator may be a large unit, but it looks good enough to be a room feature and uses all that space to create an air force that makes all the difference.

Stagnant air warms you up, but move that same air around like a breeze and you'll suddenly feel fresh and invigorated - at least that's the theory of this circulator.

Despite all that power, the fan is nearly silent and provides nearly 360-degree airflow, even when it's not in the way against a wall. In addition, the vertical and horizontal oscillation expels air from all the walls and even the ceiling, making the whole room feel cool.

A solid 12-speed setup should give you the speed that's right for you, no matter where you sit or the size of the room. Speaking of size, it circulates a whopping 1,056 cubic feet of air per hour, so it can really work in most spaces.

The fact that it remains silent even at full power, probably thanks to that DC motor, makes it ideal even in a bedroom when you're sleeping or in a living room when you're getting lost in a movie. Remote control is useful because you can change from oscillating direction to fixed direction. So if you want a burst of extra cooling, you can stop it right away and enjoy the breeze.

In some ways, this beautiful beast is still cheap to operate, making it one of the best space cooling options available right now, especially for this affordable price.

dream houseRating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (3)

(Image credit: Meaco)

3. Circulator de ar MeacoFan 650

The best fan for the bedroom.





Speed ​​settings:12


Dimensions:34,4 x 26 x 25,4 cm


A small fan with a lot of power, the Meaco MeacoFan 650 is the ideal solution for humid nights. The air recirculator is extremely quiet, even on one of the highest settings, and a dedicated Eco mode means you can rest easy knowing you can leave it running overnight without impacting your bills too much. There's also a timer feature so you can set the fan to stop once you're asleep.

(Video) Best Pedestal Fan in India 2023 | Best Stand Fan For Home | Pedestal Fan Review | Pedestal Fan Price

Of course, it's not just for the bedroom, and a convenient carrying handle on top of the fan makes it easy to move around the house. Plus, there's a built-in temperature monitor displayed on the LCD screen, and you can use the magnetic remote control (which attaches to the center of the fan when not in use - handy!) to set it to your desired speed.

dream houseRating: 4.5 out of 5 stars |Read our full review ofCirculator de ar MeacoFan 650

Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (4)

(Image credit: Vornado)

4. Vornado6303DC

The best fan for speed settings



Performance:52 W

Speed ​​settings:99


Dimensions:21,4 x 36,6 x 30,7 cm


reasons to avoid


no vibration

As the name suggests, this company aims to provide energy to move the air to keep it cooler. But it also does so with a build that looks great no matter which model you choose. With less space than the Dyson design, it's still a good fan that enhances a room.

Importantly, it gives you the airflow you want on those hot, muggy days.

The Vornado fan is compact enough to fit in any room, yet moves air up to 85 feet. And the power saving references are good too. There are impressive efficiency savings of 80% more than previous models.

The circulator has touch controls and a timer system, but there's also a remote for easy use of the strong 99 speed settings. So yes, this offers the perfect balance between noise and comfort.

dream houseRating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (5)

(Image credit: Dyson)

5. Dyson Formaldehyde Cleanser

The ultimate fan and air purifier combo.





Speed ​​settings:10

(Video) STAND FAN. Unboxing and Review Sinhala


Dimensions:76,4 x 20,5 x 13 cm

Weight:5.7 kg

reasons to buy


The golden body looks amazing.


Smart features make it easy to control

reasons to avoid




It does not guarantee an upgrade for those who already have a Dyson fan.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP09 Formaldehyde is the latest entry in Dyson's range of popular fan/heater/air purifier combinations and promises to control not only the temperature of your bedroom, but also your home of nasty pollutants such as pet dander. pets and as a novelty. a model - formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde-free features aren't a huge selling point in our book, but that doesn't mean the HP09 isn't one of the best fans and air purifiers on the market. Plus, we think the gold case looks better than traditional silver, and it has a wide range of 10-speed settings. Lastly, smart compatibility and a user-friendly app make it incredibly easy to use even for non-technical users.

This could be perfect if you're looking for something with a little more power and don't mind paying more for an all-purpose device that will serve you all year round.

dream houseRating: 4 out of 5 stars |Read our full review ofDyson Pure Formaldehyde Hot+Cold

Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (6)

(Image credit: Russell Hobbs)

6. Russell Hobbs 12″ Scandi Tischventilador

best single fan




Speed ​​settings:3



Weight:3.7 kg

reasons to buy


network design


easy to assemble

reasons to avoid


no smart features

Russell Hobbs may be more famous for his kitchen appliances than his fans, but you wouldn't know it was this beautiful wood-look table fan. Available in black, white and gray, the Scandi Cooler takes a classic design with updated aspects that make it infinitely more modern.

There are three speed settings, and you can adjust the fan's tilt and oscillation to your liking. The slim, heavy base ensures it doesn't tip over, and while it lacks smart features, it's pretty customizable. The fan arrives unassembled, but just a few clips and screws and you're done.

The wood-look blades and metal body are striking and deliver on the promise of a Scandinavian-style device. Overall, this is a simple offering with just a handful of speed settings and nothing fancy, but it will appeal to the minimalists and tech-averse among us. It's also quiet considering its all-metal design, though it's a bit louder at its most powerful setting.

dream houseRating: 4 out of 5 stars |Read our full review ofRussell Hobbs Scandi style table fan

(Video) Best Desk Fans 2022 - Top 5

Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (7)

(Image credit: Swan)

7. Retro-Tischventilador Swan

best retro style fan




Speed ​​settings:3


Dimensions:16 x 33,5 x 40,5 cm


reasons to buy


Wide range of color options

reasons to avoid


Not many speed settings


Not as quiet as others

If you're looking for a fan with a classic style, the Swan Retro Table Fan is probably perfect for you. Available in nine colors, the 12-inch fan features a powerful four-blade configuration in a beautiful shiny metal casing.

But betting on appearance does not mean giving up attitude. You get an oscillation mode, three speed settings, and a 140mm adjustable height.

This is a table fan, so you'll need to place it on something if you want more height. Also, this isn't the perfect option if you need a really quiet fan. It's more of an airflow noise than the hum of the engine. Anyway, the day is probably better for most people than the night.

If you care about style, don't want to break the bank, and want to enjoy a classic bladed fan, the Swan Retro Table Fan should meet all your needs.

dream houseRating: 3 out of 5 stars

How to choose the best fan for your home

Best Fan: Our pick of the best smart, desktop and pedestal fans (8)

(Image credit: Duux)

It's time to decide what you want that fan for and how much you want to spend. This should help narrow down your options as there are so many options. Would you like this fan for a large or small room, for example? Is it day or night or both? Do you need to run the fan all day or do you need a timer? Is a remote control a deal breaker? Is design an essential factor?

Here are the basic fan types and what they offer to see which one suits your needs.

1. Table fans

Small shape, to sit on a table, often with pendulum movement and sometimes with height adjustment. Generally cheaper but less powerful than larger options.

2. Standing fan

It's like a big table fan on a pole. That means you get more power, more height adjustment options, and broader overall space cooling coverage.

3. Turmfan

This is for smaller rooms where an oscillating fan is needed to cool the entire room area.

4. Bladeless cyclonic fans

These are essentially Dyson fans that use high velocity air to circulate air in a room or cool a person directly. They are generally quieter and more energy efficient than the rest, making them ideal for day and night use.

How noisy are the fans?

You should also consider how much noise is disturbing your sleep and decide if you want to spend more to avoid this problem. Light can also be an issue at night, so be sure to find out if the monitors can automatically turn off or turn off in night mode.

If your main concern is beating the heat while trying to fall asleep, our guide will give you some useful to look cool in bed.

How much electricity do fans consume?

If you plan on using it as a night fan, ask yourself if you want to keep it on all night. If the answer is no, a timer function is a must, if only to save energy. In general, electric fans don't consume a lot of energy, but it's still worth doing some research and tracking their usage.

Fans consume much more energy than an air conditioner, costing just pennies for a 40-watt fan that runs for 8 hours. As detailed inour researchTo determine how much energy your fan uses while it's running, simply convert the energy to kilowatt hours by dividing it by 1000. Then multiply by the number of hours.

If you know how much you pay per kilowatt, you can calculate the cost here.

(Video) TOP 5: Best Pedestal Fan for Home 2022 | Cooling Your Summer

What is the purpose of your fan?

Make sure you know what the fan will be used for. For example, do you just want it on one desk to cool down while you work, or do you need to cool another room at certain times? Maybe you need some affordable options or a more expensive DIY fan to move.

What are the side effects of a ventilator?

You have to take your eyes into account. Yep, if it's not humid heat then all that blast of dry air can dry out your eyes. So if you suffer from this problem anyway, perhaps a moisture-based cooling system would be better for you.


Which cools better tower fan or pedestal fan? ›

In our testing, pedestal fans with large blades are usually more effective at cooling due to their increased airflow.

Which fans move the most air? ›

The Trinity DC ceiling fan is our best overall airflow choice as it provides powerful airflow while consuming very little power. The aerodynamic aerofoil blades utilise a variable blade pitch which effectively sweep large volumes of air.

Which type of fan gives more air? ›

A ceiling fan with more blades provides more air.

Is a 3 or 4 blade pedestal fan better? ›

4-blade ceiling fans are less noisy and are useful in rooms with an air conditioner, to move the cool air around. They are often more stylish looking. However, 4 blade fans may move air slower than a 3 blade fan and can be more expensive than 3 blade ceiling fans.

Are 3 pedestal fans better than 5 blades? ›

Fans with three blades increase airflow efficiency and move more air because they allow the motor to run faster. Fans with five blades deliver a less choppy airflow and are quieter because of the symmetrical spacing and slower speed.

How do I choose a pedestal fan? ›

When choosing a pedestal fun, make sure you test out all the different fan speeds available to ensure that they match your requirements. Each fan comes with its RPM (rotations per minute). Choose a fan with a higher RPM if you require more power. In general, an RPM of 1300 to 1400 will give you a good breeze.

Why do we no longer recommend tower fans? ›

We no longer recommend any tower fans: They're rarely as powerful as a room circulator & very difficult to clean. As we've realized over years of testing fans & other appliances, if something is difficult to clean, you likely won't end up cleaning it all.

What is the most efficient fan design? ›

With a curved blade design, the backward curved fan is one of the most efficient centrifugal fan options available. It's able to move high volumes of air at high static pressures and can be a great option for many industrial applications.

Is a tower fan better than a desk fan? ›

Pedestal units allow for increased control as to where the air flows, much more than oscillating tower fans. Tower fans are more expensive, yet thinner, and easier to place with minimal floor space. They also boast a lower noise level.

Do desk fans cool a room? ›

All the electricity that is driving the fan turns directly into heat. So a fan does not cool the room at all. What a fan does is create a wind chill effect.

Do tower fans make the room colder? ›

Tall, compact tower fans can significantly cool down your rooms when temps soar. Plus, they don't take up much space on your floor! Tall, sleek tower fans take up little floor space while efficiently cooling your rooms.

Should top fans pull or push air? ›

Push vs. pull for liquid coolers

Most tests show a negligible difference in push vs pull, but we can give a slight nod to “push.” Generally this will work best in most case setups, and give you efficient performance.

How many fans do you need for good airflow? ›

For most mid-tower cases, you will preferably want around two or three fans on the intake on the front side of your PC and one exhaust fan. If you have a larger full tower case, three intake fans at the front and one rear exhaust fan would be a good starting point for optimized airflow.

Should a fan push or pull air? ›

During the summer, use your ceiling fan in the counterclockwise direction. The airflow directly underneath the ceiling fan should push down, creating a wind-chill effect, which is going to make you feel cool. Reversing your fan, to a clockwise direction, creates a gentle updraft, recirculating heat down.

How do I choose an air fan? ›

How to Choose a Cooling Fan in Five Easy Steps
  1. Step 1: Understand where and how much heat is being generated. ...
  2. Step 2: Determine the airflow needed to keep the temperature rise in check. ...
  3. Step 3: Find a fan that meets the airflow requirement. ...
  4. Step 4: Choosing the type of fan. ...
  5. Step 5: Final considerations.
Jul 13, 2017

How to choose a fan? ›

How to choose a ceiling fan
  1. Decide on a location for your fan.
  2. Choose the right ceiling fan size.
  3. Pick a ceiling fan style.
  4. Choose whether you want a fan with or without lights.
  5. Pick which mount-type works best for your space.
  6. Decide how you want to control your fan.
  7. Pick the airflow/efficiency you need.
  8. Set your budget.

Is High cool or high fan better? ›

Check the Fan Options

Many units offer three fan settings: high, medium, and low. High is usually most effective for cooling during normal warm weather. However, when it's very humid, it's better to keep the fan on low.

Do more fan blades mean more air? ›

Scientifically speaking, as the number of blades go up, the ceiling fan will become quieter and circulate less air. This is due to the fact that additional blades increase the drag on the ceiling fan motor and slow it down.

Are plastic or metal fan blades better? ›

ABS plastic ceiling fans are also more malleable compared to metal fans, making for a wider variety of designs, making them ideal for homes. Metal ceiling fans are more expensive than plastic, but are also more durable. Essentially, when choosing ceiling fan blades, it really comes down to personal preference.

Does it matter how many blades a pedestal fan has? ›

Multiple spinning blades do the work, with some fans using three broad blades and others using four or five narrow ones. Blade rotation speed is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm), which determines how much air a fan moves.

How many watts is a good pedestal fan? ›

Most residential pedestal fans will have a maximum output (measured in watts) of 45W to 75W, but larger commercial pedestal fans may have outputs up to 300W. The cost of using a pedestal fan will depend on the speed setting of your fan as well as its wattage.

How many years does a pedestal fan last? ›

Long-lasting fans are designed to last 50 years or more with regular maintenance. Inexpensive, disposable fans are unlikely to last more than three years with normal usage. Most mid-range fans are designed to last 6-10 years.

Are smart tower fans worth it? ›

A tower fan is an excellent choice any time you have limited space, as its tall, slim build means it'll fit easily into tight spaces. Tower fans also tend to be quieter than box fans, helping you get a cool and comfortable night's sleep without any disturbance.

Are bladeless fans worth it? ›

The Bottom Line

It might never have occurred to you to go bladeless when looking for a new fan, but there are plenty of reasons to do so. Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing than traditional fans but they're also much safer for kids and pets, easier to clean, and more energy efficient on top of it.

What are the disadvantages of bladeless fan? ›

More Expensive to Buy and Install

The most significant con of bladeless fans is the price. Bladeless ceiling fans are still relatively new, so expect higher costs than traditional blade fans.

Which is quieter tower fan or pedestal fan? ›

Tower fans are generally quieter than pedestal fans, and several tower fans even feature night modes. When pedestal fans make noise, it's often due to the blades “buffeting” the expelled air.

Which PC fan makes the most noise? ›

Which PC fan makes the most noise? GPU is usually the loudest followed by CPU cooler and PSU. As for other components and noises, hard drives will be loud and GPU/PSU sometimes have coil whine.

Are tower fans quieter than pedestal fans? ›

If you are looking to cool down your bedroom so you can sleep peacefully at night, a Tower Fan is the best option as they are the quietest models. Tower Fans are generally quieter than Pedestal Fans, and come with many night modes.

What is the best fan layout for a PC? ›

Generally, the goal of positioning fans in a PC case is to create an airflow channel from the right side/front of your case to the upper left/rear. This channel should bring cool air across the CPU, GPU and other heat sensitive components and then exhaust out of the back and/or top.

Are curved or straight fan blades better? ›

There is no hard and fast rule, although some manufacturers will claim that the curved blades are quieter when at the 'working point' because of the way they move the air.

Which fan has maximum peak efficiency range? ›

Vaneaxials are typically the most energy-efficient fans available and should be used whenever possible. Propeller fans usually run at low speeds and moderate temperatures. They experience a large change in airflow with small changes in static pressure.

What is best for cooling a room? ›

Place Ice or Cool Water in Front of a Fan

Another helpful tip is to put cold water or ice in front of the fan while it's on. This will cause the fan to blow the coolness of the water or ice around, thus making your room cooler. It's best to close the door and windows when you do this, to keep the air trapped inside.

What is the best fan for a large room? ›

More powerful than tower fans, pedestal fans are a great option if you need to service a large room or need greater control over air direction. They're portable, so can be moved from room to room. Best used in: Living rooms and larger areas.

Which fan is best for bedroom? ›

1-16 of 164 results for "soundless ceiling fans for bedroom"
  • Best seller. ...
  • Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mm, Sparkle Golden and Brown. ...
  • Crompton Silent Pro Enso 1225 mm (48 inch) ActivBLDC Remote-controlled Ceiling Fan (Silk White) ...
  • Havells Stealth Air Ceiling Fan (Indigo Blue)

Should a fan face in or out window? ›

One big thing you may be overlooking when you turn on a fan is its placement. To ensure optimal cooling with a window fan, the Department of Energy suggests putting it in a window where the wind is blowing away from the house. This helps pull the hot air out of your home.

What is the cheapest way to cool your house? ›

Here, home experts offer their most cost-effective strategies for keeping a cool space.
  • Invest in a smart thermostat. ...
  • Plant greenery on the sunny side of your home. ...
  • Use a ceiling fan. ...
  • Service your air conditioning unit. ...
  • Change out your sheets and pillows. ...
  • Install a solar attic fan. ...
  • Keep a personal fan at your desk.
Jun 24, 2020

What is the fastest way to cool a room? ›

  1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan.
  2. Cover the Windows During the Day.
  3. Dehumidify the Air.
  4. Open the Windows at Night.
  5. Promote a Cross Breeze.
  6. Skip Using the Hot Appliances.
  7. Sleep Cooler.
  8. Close Unused Rooms.
May 30, 2022

Is a 52 inch fan too big for a 12x12 room? ›

Buy the Right Size

Select a fan with the appropriate span: 36 inches for rooms up to 100 square feet, 42 inches for up to 200 square feet, 52 inches for up to 400 square feet, and either one 60-inch fan or two 52- or 56-inch fans for rooms larger than 400 square feet.

Is Lasko a good fan brand? ›

Lasko has always been very good, so I bought this model after reading many good reviews. It was easy to order, delivered quickly and assembled very easily with no tools. But the best part is that it works great to both circulate air and provide consistent white noise while I sleep.

Do pedestal fans cool a room? ›

Draw in Cool Air, Expel Hot Air

You can cool a room with just one window and one fan. Place a box fan in the window or a pedestal fan within 5 feet of the window. When the air is cooler outside than it is inside, point the air so it blows into the house.

Are tower fans better than other fans? ›

The real strength of tower fans is in the extra functions. They can provide air purification, lighting and other add-ons that make them more than just a fan. But, when it comes to moving air, pedestal fans are clearly superior. Knowing this difference, you are better equipped to get the best fan for the job at hand.

Where is the best place to put a fan in a bedroom? ›

Place your fan so that it faces the opposite wall from where most of the activity takes place in your space. This approach will drive the air to the surface, where it will bounce off, mingling with the rest of the air and cooling the space.


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