Islamic Dream Interpretation - Seeing a house in a dream (2023)

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Islamic Dream Interpretation - Seeing a house in a dream (1)

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See "house" in your dream...

Casa— • Insert Newgrandein a specific place, among other thingscasasand with all the comforts, but whose owner is unknown: (1) If he is poor, he becomes rich. (2) If he is rich, he will get richer. (3) If you worry, you will feel relieved. (4) If you disobey God, you will repent. If the owner is known, then the dream will apply to him. Yesgrandeit was made of concrete or clay, the dreamer's luck will be blessed; otherwise if thegrandewere made of bricks thrown into the fire, the gain would be unlawful and sinful. The dimensions of a house -big or small- allude to the state of the dreamer: living comfortably or not, being generous or not, etc.
• Casting ofgranderefers to the dreamer's religion. The perfection or imperfection of him is the way he handles things. Your goal is your happiness.Dream Interpretation - Various Islamic Scholars

Casa- Whatever happenscasasor apartment buildings in the dream applies to its residents in reality. The walls represent the men and the roofs the women since the men support the women. The bishop refers to an influential servant who can solve or complicate things. of a mangrandeit symbolizes his person, ego and body since it is his home with which he identifies. It also alludes to your fame, name and reputation, and well-being. It can also refer to your money, which you depend on or which you withdraw, and your clothes, how you wear them. If it represents your body, the gate or gate ofgrandeIt is the dreamer's face. It is easy to imagine what are the components of agranderefers to when thegranderefers to the wife. Let's supposegrandesymbolizes your food and your money, the door is the source of this food. if we compare themgrandefor a man's clothing, the gate is the edge of that clothing.Dream Interpretation - Various Islamic Scholars

Casa- • An oldgrandecrumbles before the dreamer - he will inherit.
• The apartments of agrandeor the rooms of an apartment symbolize the dreamer's wives.
• According to the Christian interpreters of dreams, says Ibn Siren, he sweeps the floor of agrandemeans deep sorrows or sudden death. Others think it's the other way around.
• Agrandebe demolished - its owner will die.
• Buy a new onegrande: abundance of well-being.
• U.Sgrandehigher than usual: More well-being and fertility. And the dreamer will feel comfortable through a woman.
• Cut or decorate onegrande: There will be fights and rivalriesgrande.
• Start a new onegrande: evil and worries.
• Being in a new and unfamiliar occupationgrandein a remote area and overhears a malicious conversation - a clue to the dreamer's grave.
• imprisonment in agrandein a residential area whose doors are all closed: well-being and health.Dream Interpretation - Various Islamic Scholars

Casa"When you find yourself tied up and locked in agrandeIn a dream, it means that you will receive good news, or it could mean health and prosperity. When someone sees them wearing onegrandeIn a dream on your shoulders, it means that you are taking care of a woman or a woman in need. when someone sees yoursgrandeMade of gold in a dream, it means that a fire will burn it. If hegrandeIt has no roof where you can see the sky, the sun or the moon in a dream, it represents the marriage of a woman from this house. In case anyone sees a big onegrandeIn yourselfgrandeIn a dream, it means that a righteous woman lives in this family or moves into it in order to become a blessing to them.grande.Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Casa— • Loaded agrande: Going to support a woman.
• Lie down on agrande: A woman will take care of the dreamer's livelihood.
• Insert agrandeand doors behind locked doors: They shall not disobey Allah regarding a verse from the Holy Qur'an: "And they, in theirgrandehe was begged to do a bad deed. She closed the doors and said: Come! He said: I take refuge with Allah!..." ("Yusuf' [Joseph], verse 23.)
• Get out of a straitgrande: Worries are left behind. Agrandewithout a roof from which the dreamer could see the sunrise or the moon: a woman will marry in it.
• See a tunnel below it.grande: A cunning man, especially if the tunnel is made of cement or mud, in which case it would mean that the man's evil is in the religious realm.Dream Interpretation - Various Islamic Scholars

Casa— If there is a tunnel under onegrandein the dream it means fraud or that a perfidious person accesses this house. Agrandewithout light in a dream represents a woman with a bad character, and when a woman sees thisgrandeIn your dream, it represents a man with a bad character. demolition of onegrandein a dream it means a quarrel within this family. When someone sees grass growing insidegrandein a dream it means a wedding. (See also cage; dwellings; glassgrande)Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Casa— • A bright, well-lit areagrande: A cultured and virtuous woman.
• Darkgrande: A grumpy and mean person.
• Insert agrandesprinkled with water - troubles with a woman and pains, as well as moisture and mud, but they will go away.Dream Interpretation - Various Islamic Scholars

Casa— Even the lock and handle of the door symbolize the woman or the maid. The gatekeepers are the male children, the slaves or servants, or the brothers and helpers. For Ibn Siren the keyhole is the dreamer's ear, which probably means thatgrandeServant who reports everything to the Lord. The unknowngrandeis life after death, especially when it has a significant name like Darussalam (DasCasaof peace).
• A sick person who sees himself in a strangergrande: I will die in peace.
• A sane person sees himself in a stranger.grande: (1) He will go to Mecca (Makkah). (2) he Will Participate in Jihad or Holy War. (3) he becomes an ascetic. (4) acquire learning. (5) he will endure difficulties with stoicism. (6) he will give alms.
• Create a new onegrande: (1) If the dreamer is sick, he will recover and get well. (2) Is there a sick person in thegrande, this person will recover unless the dreamer has the custom of burying the dead in hisgrande, in this case the newgrandeit would mean the grave of this patient. The same misinterpretation would apply if thegrandeit was built in a place that would be impossible if it were painted white or if mourning flowers were seen in a dream. (3) If the dreamer is single, she will get married. (4) The dreamer will find a husband for her daughter and let her live with him when the girl is old. (5) The dreamer will have a concubine.Dream Interpretation - Various Islamic Scholars

Casa- • A metalgrande: Its owner will have a lot of prestige and a long life.
• Agrandeof gold: fire will break out there.
• get mad at someonegrande: You will go to jail for a verse from the Holy Quran: “And [mention] Dhun-Nun,30 when he came out angry and decided that we had no power over him, but he shouted in the dark, saying: There is no god but you. be glorified! Appearance! I have been a wrongdoer” (“Al-Anbiya” [The Prophets], verse 87).
• Entering the neighborgrande: Becomes his confidant or, if the dreamer is immoral, he will betray his neighbors with his wife and livelihood.
• A bachelor building agrande: He will marry a high class woman.
• See agrandefrom afar - life will give the dreamer what he wants, but from afar or after a long time.
• Do not entergrandemade of cement or mud and situated between other buildings: you will lead an honest life.
• Being thrown off the concretegrandeand feel humiliated or belittled in any way - you will miss a lot in life.Dream Interpretation - Various Islamic Scholars

Casa— • A solid person whograndewith concrete or clay in a place you know: well-being and utility.
• A solid person whograndewith concrete or clay in an unknown place - the dreamer will do something or has already done it, for which he will be rewarded in the afterlife. If hegrandeit was built with bricks, plaster and lime, it would mean that a sin has been committed or that the dreamer has amassed a fortune through sin and will repent in the afterlife, since fire plays an important role in the manufacture of said material of construction. The dream would have a happy ending if the dreamer destroyed itgrandebefore accepting
• A sick person or someone who has a sick relative or friend builds agrande: Grabal.
• Agrandeof unknown construction material in an unknown place and with unknown people, isolated from the rest: the afterlife, especially if dead people are seen in it that the dreamer knows. Going in means that the dreamer dies unless he comes out again, in which case it means that he is close to death but escapes.Dream Interpretation - Various Islamic Scholars

a familiar house"Yes there is onegrandeknown by him symbolizes his position and condition in this world. The properties of it, whether pleasant or unpleasant, as wellgrandebeing straight or crooked, wide or narrow, neat or messy, reflects your behavior and character.Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin

Casa— (cage; dwellings) In a dream,grandehas different meanings. One of them is the wife. When you see someone enter yourgrandeIn a dream, it means that you will marry or have sexual relations with your wife. Homemadegrandein a dream it means that a sick person will recover from his illness. If such a construction is difficult, and it is customary in this family to bury their dead on the site of the same plot, it means the death of a sick person in the family. if no one gets sickgrandeand the building is accompanied in the dream of music and celebrations, then it means adversities, trials and privations. In such circumstances, if the person in the dream is not married, it means marriage, and if he is married, it means that he will marry one of his daughters.Dream Interpreter: Ibn Sirin


Because there are so many different meanings, we really need the "interpretation" of a holy and learned person to help us understand the true meaning.

May Allah be our protector always...

New commentary on the Holy Quran published with emphasis on mercy, justice and human rights

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