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It's no secret that machines have been dominating the production world for some time. But it's true, we never thought that they would start dominating even the field of design so soon.

Welcome to the age of AI design! And especially welcome on board as we roll out the red carpet for AI-powered logo makers.

Until now,look at oneis one of the few that not only arouses enthusiasm among designers, but also more and moreOnline store, as well as specialists in digital marketing. And with good reason it seems.

You see, at first glance it may look like an ordinary logo maker. But the fact is, nothing could be further from the truth. Under the hood is a machine learning engine that powers the entire logo design framework. And that's what sets it apart from most other design programs.

how good is it Can you count on Looka to create an eye-catching logo for your business?

Stay with me as we uncover all the critical stuff across the platform. This Looka review dives into the underlying AI foundation to show how it works, its overall effectiveness, and potential weaknesses.

Looka Review: Overview

If you haven't heard it, does Logojoy sound familiar?

Okay, whichever term you prefer, it's the same. LogoJoy was launched in 2016 as a logo maker and later changed its name to Looka. But despite the name change, the foundation of the company remains the same.

look at oneEssentially, it was created to enable entrepreneurs to harness the power of artificial intelligence for the easy and affordable design of quality logos.

A veteran graphic designer named Dawson came up with the idea after noticing a common problem most small business owners face.

They wanted big logos to launch their brands but couldn't hire professional designers. And those few who tried to do the work themselves always had trouble dealing with multiple design programs.

So he turned to AI for a possible solution. And the subsequent result, Looka, has since placed entrepreneurs at the heart of its logo design processes. The solution's machine learning engine was able to replace professional designers while significantly reducing associated design costs.

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Well, the process is quite simple. First, Looka essentially uses a complex machine learning framework to assess your business needs and design preferences. Its artificial intelligence system generates an unlimited collection of logo options relevant and unique to your brand.

However, it doesn't stop there.look at oneIt offers easy tools to customize any logo you choose from the generated options.

And no, you don't need any experience or education to work on it. Making adjustments is as easy as adjusting the settings on your phone's screen. While you're at it, Looka lets you customize almost every element you would expect from a typical design composition, including graphics, icons, fonts, etc.

Finally, Looka is much faster than a professional designer using regular editing software. It only takes a few seconds to generate logos of your design preferences.

And you know what? In addition, Looka is significantly cheaper than hiring a professional graphic designer.

So of course it's something you'll want to try. Plus, drawing with Looka is completely free. Well, at least until you get to the logo download stage. You can only purchase your logo in high definition after purchasing one of the plans.

But we cover all of that in the Looka price range, along with the goodies that come with logo downloads, including the Looka social media kit and business card design to match.

Looka Review: Key Features

Logo design process

Luckily it doesn't cost you a cent to get started here. It's fromlook at oneIt's completely web based, you should be able to create your logo without installing any additional software.

The process starts right on the Looka homepage. You will find a field to enter your company name to get started.

Then comes the phase of the entrepreneurial nature. The main goal here is to understand what your business is about and then determine the type of logo options that are relevant to your space. So enter keywords that describe your type of business.

After that is the part where things get more interesting. Looka displays a variety of logo styles from which you must select five or more options that you find most attractive. Of course, this gives Looka an idea of ​​your taste and design preferences.

So the more you choose, the better you will understand your personal inclinations.

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The next step has to do with colors. More accurate,look at onewill try to understand the exact color schemes you want in your logo. So make your style choices and provide 3 of your favorite color palettes.

With this information, Looka will request additional commercial data, including name and tagline. Your answers will eventually be incorporated into some of the generated logos.

Looka will prompt you to log in by entering your account name, email address, and password. Alternatively, you can simply sign up using your Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail account.

With all the information gathered so far, Looka's AI system goes ahead and generates an unlimited number of logo options to choose from.

Personally, I found the designs quite appealing. Each logo was unique and had its own character set. Well, I have to admit I was impressed and spoiled for choice.

Well, the trick here is to take your time to scan the collection. Try to evaluate as many options as possible before making a final choice.

If you're lucky, you might find a perfect logo that doesn't require any adjustments. If not, you need to choose a decent one that you can further customize to make the design fit your business.

But take this. Is it possible to influence itlook at onemore here, introduction of additional symbols. All you have to do is browse them in the top right corner of the screen and choose up to 5 based on your design preferences.

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Now don't get me wrong. Your logo options are not limited to one. Instead, you can select and edit as many as you like. You can play around with the editing tools until you have the perfect logo.

The editor itself provides multiple previews of your logo designs so you can get a good idea of ​​how it will look on branded items.

Another remarkable thing about this logo maker is its great flexibility. For example, if you don't like the logo options, you can go back and start the whole process over and over again. There are no restrictions.

However, the best thing to do after customizing your logos is to save them or share them with friends. Downloads are only allowed after purchasing one of the plans, which we'll detail shortly.

unlimited models

look at oneThe system never seems to back down. It usually generates an unlimited number of design mockups to help you find the perfect logo for your business. Because of this, each page refresh results in a new set of options.

Guess what? It doesn't stop there. Looka lets you edit as many logos as you want while saving them.

However, don't expect to run out of logo designs any time soon. You can be sure it's something that will never happen.

Brand Resources

If you choose to continue beyond the customization phase, you will find that purchasing alook at oneThe plan entitles you to more than just a logo.

Do you remember that the basic purpose behind creating a logo is branding? Well, Looka seems to take this very seriously, as you can download a complementary brand guide in addition to the logo.

This resource has all the necessary information about the colors and fonts used in your logo. Consequently, you have no problem reproducing the logo over and over again as part of the branding process.

varieties of colors

let's be honest It is not always possible to use a logo in its original colour. It is always advisable to reproduce a logo in different colors so that it can be combined with different backgrounds.

And that's exactly what Looka does with its logo. Complement the original design with additional versions in different colors for an easy and seamless branding process.

Essentially, you get a version with a transparent background, as well as black and white variants of the original color. Later, you can use the black and white versions to mark physical items for marketing purposes, the transparent ones on your website and products, while the official color would go well with posters and business cards.

Vector file options

Since you may want to change the size of your logo from time to time, Looka will generate downloads of your logo in a variety of vector file options.

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For example, EPS and SVG are two particularly notable vector files when it comes down to it. As such, Looka produces both along with other file versions so you can adjust the dimensions of your logo without sacrificing quality.

In other words, you should be able to use larger versions of your logo without necessarily sacrificing your pixels.


Social media is an essential part of digital brand marketing campaigns. So, to save you from the hassle of re-editing your logo, Looka offers a complete social media kit with all the logo versions you need for the long term.

For Facebook, for example, the system generates pre-designed logo image sizes that fit banners and company profiles. And the same goes for all other popular social platforms like Etsy, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Looka offers multiple logo files for each of them.

Ultimately, it helps you maintain a consistent brand image across all social media platforms.

lifetime technical support

Even after you have purchased and downloaded your logos,look at oneYou'll still have your back. It offers you endless technical support to help you with any issues along the way.

As such, it's perfectly acceptable to contact Looka's support team years after you've downloaded your logo kit. They will help you with your logo like any normal user.

Looka Review: Pricing

After you customize your logo design, Looka offers three different purchasing options. Here is your data:

  • Basic -With a one-time payment of $20, Basic is the cheapest option on Looka. However, it only comes with a logo file with no additional versions. Not even the transparent ones.
  • Award -This costs $65 and is ideal for entrepreneurs who need high-resolution logo files for branding, printing, and displaying on their website. The plan comes with lifetime technical support, full logo ownership, unlimited logo changes, multiple color variations, and multiple high-resolution file types.
  • Company -At $80, Enterprise is the most expensive option and offers extras beyond the premium plan. You can expect add-ons like $100 in Google Ads credit, business card designs, and a social media kit.

Who should use Looka's logo maker?

After all, the main reason they evolvedlook at onewas to cut out the middleman. Yes that's right. In short, Looka replaces the usual professionals in the logo design process and gives you the power to create your own logos.

Of course, Looka is worth considering if you're tired of the hassle and hassle of dealing with graphic designers. This tool not only seems cheaper but also much faster than hiring typical graphic designers. In addition, its artificial intelligence engine is exceptionally accurate at reading our minds and assessing the appropriate business needs.

look at one

Classification:4.0- Reviewed byDavid Porter.

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