The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (2023)

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Let's be honest; Nothing beats a trip to Starbucks. Order your favorite drink and sit in its cozy atmosphere, brightening up any afternoon.

When ordering from the menu, have you ever thought about which drink gives you the most caffeine? What else gets you through the day?

in this guideWe'll Explore Starbucks' Strongest Coffeeand which ones you haven't tried yet can give you a bigger caffeine boost.

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Starbucks' 20 Strongest Coffee DrinksMenu

This list was compiled based on the caffeine content in the most requested versions of the drink. The caffeine content can vary depending on the size of the coffee.

type of coffee

hot Cold


1. Roasted espresso beans


Promédio 170 mg

2. True North Blonde Roasted Filter Coffee



3. Starbucks Clover brewed coffee


470 milligrams

4. Iced Shaken Espresso (Anteriormente Doubleshot On Ice)


375 milligrams

5. Brown American Blonde


340 milligrams

6. Iced Espresso Oat Smoothie with Brown Sugar


340 milligrams

7. Sweet vanilla cold cream


320 milligrams

8. Pike Place Filter Coffee



9. Cold coffee



10. American Iced Coffee



11. Cold nitro fermentation



12. Nitro Cold Brew with almond milk foam and dark cocoa



13. Eismokka


265 milligrams

14. Iced coffee


235 milligrams

15. Coffee with blond milk


225 milligrams

16. American coffee


225 milligrams

17. Eiskaramell-Macchiato


225 milligrams

18. Triple-Express Shot


225 milligrams

19. Espresso Blended Frappuccino



20. Plain White



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1.Blonde roasted espresso beans

To start off, let's take a look at the beans on offer that will automatically make your drinks stronger.

If you go there often, you might have noticed the blonde roast coffee offering. This is their light roast version, roasted at lower temperatures for a shorter amount of time.

Many people assume that a dark roast contains more caffeine, but you'd be wrong.

Lighter roasts contain more caffeine as moisture and oils are retained, meaning you get more caffeine in your espresso shots.

A doppio blonde espresso (made with two shots of espresso) contains 170 mg of caffeine compared to the signature roast which contains 150 mg.

Next time you come in, give it a try! Citrus notes and fruity nuances can be found in its blonde version.

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The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (1)

2.True North Blonde Roasted Filter Coffee

If you want something that will really keep you awake during your workday (or long study nights!), the True North Blonde filter is the way to go, as it's Starbucks' strongest coffee yet.

Baristas supposedly need to use a smaller scoop of beans when brewing because of their strength.

In fact, the Starbucks Nutrition Facts website confirms that you're getting 475 mg of caffeine in one size of Venti. A great caffeine hit!

Surprisingly for such a strong coffee, the flavor is smooth, sweet and rich in citrus and floral notes.

The lighter roast does not contain the oils that create the bitter taste in a dark roast, so it would be best for those who like their coffee with a sweeter taste.

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (2)

3.Café Starbucks Clover

Before rushing to your nearest Starbucks to try this coffee, make sure they have it in stock.

Clover coffee is only available at stores that carry a Clover machine, so it may not be available in your area.That said, once you find a store, don't miss out!

Coffee made with clover is quite intense. It has a full-bodied flavor with some citrus and floral notes, but you can definitely tell how much stronger it is compared to regular light roast coffee.

Coffee made with clover is available in dark roast, medium roast and light roast, and the caffeine content is reversed.

Forget everything you know about light and dark roasts because this vacuum press shakes things up.

  • Dark roasted: 475 mg
  • Torra media: 445 mg
  • Light Roasted: 425 mg

As confusing as it may be, coffee made with Clover provides more caffeine than standard beverages.

Plus, they can only brew one of these coffee drinks at a time, meaning each drink is unique down to the last drop, offering a world of different flavors.

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The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (3)

4.Iced Shake Espresso (Doubleshot On Ice)

An iced, whipped, fan-sized espresso is sure to keep you going on those summer days.

Originally called Doubleshot on Ice, it was renamed because confusion between patrons and baristas resulted in the drink having only two drinks when it should have had five.

Espresso shots are poured over ice, shaken, then poured over more ice and drizzled with milk and syrup.

With up to 375 mg of caffeine, this sweet coffee and milk blend provides a great start to each hot day.

Even in a large size, you can expect up to 300mg of caffeine, so you'll never run out of this drink!

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (4)

5.brunette american blonde

Do you like traditional American? It's a simple but satisfying drink to enjoy throughout the day.

As mentioned earlier, roasted bay leaves naturally provide more caffeine. If you include it in your Americano, the amount increases up to 340 mg.

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Not bad for a standard menu item. Topped with a variety of milks and syrups, this Starbucks coffee can appeal to many people, whether they are coffee masters or newbies.

Enjoy classic coffee with a stronger but sweeter drink!

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (5)

6.Frozen oat smoothie espresso with brown sugar

Looking for a strong, vegan and sweet coffee? Brown Sugar Whipped Espresso has it all!

With four shots of blonde espresso, topped with six pumps of brown sugar syrup and oat milk, the variety you get in this drink is extraordinary.

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Along with the sweet flavors, you also get a good dose of caffeine. The drink contains 340 mg of caffeine, which guarantees a good start to the day.

As it also contains oat milk, it is 100% vegan.

The brown sugar syrup is also suitable for vegans, making it a greener drink for the planet. This Starbucks Iced Coffee really can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere.

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (6)

7.Sweet vanilla cold cream

If you're not a fan of traditionally strong and bitter coffee, Starbucks has you covered!

Cold-Brew offers a blend of stronger and sweeter notes thanks to its brewing process, but it might be too much for some coffee lovers. Cold coffee with sweet cream corrects this problem.

Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee is brewed as standard, then topped with vanilla syrup and sweet vanilla cream, cold foam or Cascara Sagrada cold foam.

It's much easier to drink than a traditional iced drink and still offers a bigger caffeine boost: 320mg for Venti.

This Starbucks iced coffee contains more caffeine than a regular iced drink because it requires more coffee in its base.

A sweet start and finish with smooth coffee notes in every sip of this icy drink.

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The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (7)

8.Pike Place filter coffee

A rumor once said that Starbucks roasts its coffee longer to flatten the flavor so it tastes the same everywhere.

Whether this is true or not is anyone's guess as filter coffee still tastes great in every store you visit. Roasted filter pike is no exception.

Its smooth, rich roast was created by blenders in 2008 and has been around ever since.

You'll find it at every Starbucks you frequent and whenever you have a great-tasting caffeinated drink.

The tall version of this Starbucks coffee alone has 308mg of caffeine, and if you upgrade to a Venti it has 410mg!

So next time check out the extensive selection and give the pike a chance to move on.

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (8)

9.Cold coffee

If you prefer a stronger coffee flavor and don't like sweet vanilla cream, Starbucks' standard iced coffee might be for you.

Starbucks cold coffeeIt's different from the rest of your coffee because it's brewed longer.

To retain the same taste as hot coffee, coffee beans need to be soaked for 8 to 20 hours.

If you went inside and noticed that they are sold out, it's because it takes a long time to get it right!

Even with a shorter brew, where the coffee beans steep for 8 hours, you still get a coffee that's strong and has a bold flavor.

Their drink is made with a darker roast, so the bottom has a rich, full palette.

Every sip of this Starbucks coffee brings hints of cocoa and nutty flavors. And there's no shortage of caffeine either; A large provides 300 mg of caffeine, while a large increases it to 360 mg.

Not bad for a smaller size!

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (9)

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10iced american coffee

The best thing about Americanos is its simplicity. Espresso over hot water has been around since WWII, and pouring it over ice water gives it the same iconic taste.

Starbucks tends to use more coffee shots in its iced drinks, which means that the iced Americano delivers a stronger flavor with every sip.

Because of the extra drinks, an iced Americano provides 300 mg of caffeine.

For the summer months when you want to cool off and lighten up, this iced coffee is for you.

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (10)

11cold nitro beer

Starbucks' iconic Nitro Cold Brew has that weird draft beer look and is no longer served as a tall beer. But it's definitely a change from your usual Starbucks espresso drinks.

The difference between a cold drink and a nitro cold drink is that it is enriched with nitrogen during the pouring process, i.e. it is poured from a faucet.

The added nitrogen gives the cold brew a smoother, sweeter taste, along with a decent caffeine boost. It's also visually appealing.

The bubbles give Nitro Cold Brew an iconic look that reminds me of ordering drinks at a bar.

You can't serve more than a large Nitro Cold Brew due to its strength and nitrogen content, but you still get a generous 280 mg of caffeine.

Nitro Cold Brew is really smooth but still one of the strongest coffee options. You can add a layer of chilled foam on top to sweeten the drink, and chilled foam in a glass works great.

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (11)

12Nitro Cold Brew with Almond Milk Foam and Dark Cocoa

If you're not a fan of cold beer, don't worry!

Thankfully, Starbucks lets you customize the drinks to your liking, and the addition of almond milk foam and dark cocoa gives Nitro Cold Brew a sweeter twist as an alternative to regular whipped cream.

The foam helps balance out the strength of Starbucks coffee beans, but don't be fooled into thinking it's still one of Starbucks' strongest beverages.

This nitro cold brew alternative still contains 280mg of caffeine. A perfect twist on an iconic Starbucks drink!

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The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (12)

13iced coffee

The best thing about mocha is the hint of chocolate you get. Their dark roasted mocha combines bitter and sweet flavors to create a great chocolate coffee!

It is made with espresso coffee, chocolate malt powder, milk and topped with whipped cream. And it works even better on ice.

Frozen mocha contains more shots as the drink would not have the same notes.

This means you drink more coffee and a higher dose of caffeine. An iced mocha contains 265 mg, which would be perfect to power you through a long night of study when you need it!

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (13)

14iced coffee

Iced coffee is different from your other version of iced drinks.

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This is filter blend (unlike espresso drinks) that is poured over ice and cold water, giving you the same experiences at a peak point, but chilled!

Their biggest variant (Trenta) offers 235mg of caffeine and several pumps of sugar syrup.

It's an excellent blend of sweet and coffee that will provide you with a much-needed pick-me-up!

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If you don't like black coffee, you can always add a variety of milks and syrups to sweeten the flavor and lock in the caffeine. A simple but powerful drink!

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (14)

15.Lace Latte

The best-selling drink at Starbucks is latte. And it's easy to see why: mixing milk foam with two or three shots of espresso makes for an excellent drink for any time of the day.

It's versatile too. It works well with different flavors of syrup, with less or more coffee and with whipped cream on top, and you can drink it as an iced latte - it really is a great drink.

Remember we mentioned roasted bay leaves? Well, just changing your latte to blonde gives yourself a sweeter, more caffeinated kick to your day.

The blonde latte has 225mg of caffeine content and floral notes and citrus undertones, making it a smoother, tastier coffee to get you through the morning.

Want a little more flavor in your strong latte? Turn it into a Starbucks vanilla latte by adding vanilla syrup or drizzle some sweet and sour mocha sauce over the top.

You can even add chai spices to make a messy chai milk tea. Starbucks Lattes are strong yet customizable, so you can enjoy this beverage any way you like.

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (15)

sixteen.American coffee

Americans are arguably the strongest coffee at Starbucks. It's a classic drink that's been around since the 1940s, when American soldiers found Italian espresso too strong.

The flavors you get with an Americano vary and each one is unique.

So, in terms of size, the Tall/Big/Venti Americanos come with 2/3/4 shots of coffee. The average American high has a caffeine content of 225 mg.

Topped with a variety of milks, it can really boost your energy throughout the day!

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (16)

17geeister Karamell-Macchiato

Caramel Macchiatos are a unique drink at Starbucks as they contain a blend of vanilla and coffee with a caramel finish.

But they are weaker than other coffees and only hold two shots in the larger size. It's for those who like sweeter flavors, but don't want so much coffee.

This is where the Iced Caramel Macchiato comes in. The icy version holds up to 4 shots, which means you get a more powerful hit.

The reason for this is that Iced Caramel Macchiato has a much weaker flavor compared to the hot version, so adding more coffee solves that problem.

Next time you want a sweeter caffeine fix, try the Frozen Caramel Macchiato!

Do you prefer creamier espresso drinks? You can order a frozen latte macchiato.

It has the same amount of light roast coffee, but more milk, so the latte is smoother and easier to drink, despite the high caffeine content.

You can also order a regular latte macchiato, made with milk foam and served hot.

You can also get the espresso macchiato which has no frothed milk and less hot water to give you a coffee concentrate with the highest caffeine content of the three macchiato options.

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (17)


Starbucks Espresso offers a flavorful and robust drink to complete a meal or start the day with energy.

Each roast and blend offers such a variety of notes that it's hard to pick a favorite. Espressos are popular because they are also high in caffeine.

If a doppio isn't enough, you can also opt for a triple espresso! Since there's no milk, it can be quite overwhelming at first, but the 225mg of caffeine makes it worth it.

The addition of blonde boosts it to 235 mg, so you're sure to be excited at meetings or classes.

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (18)

19Espresso Blend Frappuccino

Most Starbucks blended frappuccinos are very low in caffeine. You balance it with a lot of sugar to taste.

This is because Frappuccinos use a special type of frapp roast, which is cold instant coffee.

It contains less caffeine but gives Starbucks drinks a smoother taste.


The espresso frappuccino is the only exception. These are espresso shots that are combined with frap roast and coffee base to create a stronger frappuccino.

Contains 185 mg of caffeine which is superior to others. It has a great coffee and classic frappuccino flavor that will give you the punch you need to get you through the day.

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The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (19)

20plain white

Flat White is a relatively recent addition to the coffee scene, appearing in Australia in the mid-1980s.Simply put, it's a blend of espresso shots with smooth, textured milk that gives it a velvety aftertaste.

It is stronger than a latte because milk does not suppress the coffee aroma and gives it a stronger flavor.

In general, a flat white at Starbucks provides 130 mg of caffeine, which is a good amount to get you through the day. Its texture and strength make it a classic drink that will provide you with everything you need!

The 20 most powerful drinks from Starbucks - ranked by caffeine content! (20)

What makes these Starbucks coffees the strongest?

What makes the caffeine in these Starbucks drinks so high?

The strongest coffee, True North Blonde Drip Coffee is simply brewed with just the right amount of ground coffee to give you a good blend of coffee flavor and caffeine content.

All Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffees contain about 10% more caffeine.

If you want it stronger than stronger and have the capacity, order an espresso roast clover coffee.

The caffeine in these Starbucks drinks contains more caffeine which is retained during the brewing process. You can do without 500 mg in a Clover coffee!

You will find that other Starbucks strong drinks like Americano or Cold Brew get stronger as you add stronger roasts.

Blending your coffee and tasting light roasted beans can give you an extra boost while preserving the flavors you enjoy.

The key to some Starbucks caffeinated drinks is the espresso content.

Every shot of espresso you add makes your drink stronger, which is why an espresso macchiato contains more caffeine than a regular macchiato.

Even a sweet drink like Iced White Chocolate Mocha can become one of the strongest on the Starbucks menu when you add extra shots, and you don't have to rely on mega-strong Iced Coffee to get your fix.

Frequently Asked Questions about Starbucks Strong Drinks

Which Starbucks drink gives you the most energy?

There are plenty of Starbucks caffeinated drinks out there, but Nitro Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream offers the highest caffeine content, as well as a nice sugar kick.

Mixed together, these give you a significant energy boost that will help keep you awake through those long days.

What's a sweet, strong coffee at Starbucks?

The Iced Caramel Macchiato is a good mix of sweet and spicy. The vanilla and caramel mixture stays in the drink, while the added coffee guarantees a higher concentration of caffeine.

Trying a warm caramel macchiato with additional servings also makes for a potent and pleasantly sweet mix if you don't want to switch to ice cream.

Is espresso stronger than coffee?

An espresso shot contains 63 mg of caffeine per 1 ounce, while coffee contains 12 to 16 mg per ounce.

A straight espresso is stronger because there is less caffeine and flavor intensity to remove or suppress.

However, espressos are not for everyone, as their taste can be overwhelming at first.

Does a darker roast mean a stronger coffee?

Not necessarily. A darker roast means it has been roasted longer at higher temperatures.

This means the caffeine has had more time to burn off or dissolve with the moisture. Lighter roasts are considered to be higher in caffeine, but darker roasts have a stronger flavor.

Starbucks coffee usually comes in a variety of roasts, but the light roast produces the strongest coffee.


Next time you go to Starbucks, don't settle for your usual order.

There's more caffeine to drink and flavors in every drink, and with such an extensive menu, Starbucks won't be short of coffee options.

If you like an extra punch, try the True Northern Blonde Filter, Starbucks' strongest coffee, but for something more low-key, a flat white will keep you energized and free of coffee jitters.

Don't limit yourself to just one type of Java!

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What is the strongest drink at Starbucks? ›

The strongest Hot drink you can order at Starbucks is a Venti Blonde Roast filter coffee, it has the most caffeine at 475 mg. The Strongest Cold Drink You Can order is a Trenta Cold Brew which has 360mg of caffeine in it.

What kind of coffee drink has the most caffeine at Starbucks? ›

Out of the 13 most caffeinated Starbucks drinks, we've found that the Clover Brewed Gold Coast Blend is the most caffeinated Starbucks drink offered on the menu. While drinks like frappuccinos have limited caffeine, brewed coffee and espresso will get you the kick you need.

What is a very caffeinated drink at Starbucks? ›

Overview of Top 7 Most Caffeinated Drinks at Starbucks

Veranda Blend Hot Coffee. Featured Medium Roast – Pike Place Roast. Nitro Cold Brew. Featured Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee. Caffè Americano.

What coffee at Starbucks will give me the most energy? ›

If you want the strongest drink to start your morning, just stick to their hot brewed coffee. A grande Blonde Roast will hit you with 360 whopping milligrams of caffeine. If that's a little extra for you, try the Pike Place Roast, which comes in at 310 milligrams for the same size.

What is the number 1 Starbucks drink? ›

Caramel Frappuccino

According to a Mashed poll, 28% of voters selected caramel as the best Starbucks Frappuccino flavor. Ingredients for the Caramel Frappuccino include ice, whole milk, Frappuccino roast, caramel syrup, caramel drizzle, and whipped cream.

How strong is Death Wish coffee? ›

Death Wish delivers a whopping 54.2 mg of caffeine per fluid oz! That translates to a ridiculous 600+mg of caffeine per cup of coffee, compared to the usual 100-200 found in most plain black coffees!

What coffee from Starbucks keeps you awake? ›

The coffee that tends to keep people awake the most is Starbucks' Blonde Roast. This coffee is made with a light roast coffee bean, which has more caffeine than a dark roast bean. The Blonde Roast is also a stronger coffee, so it will give you a little more of a jolt than a regular cup of coffee.

What is the strongest coffee to order? ›

The most concentrated coffee type is a ristretto – this contains relatively the highest level of caffeine. However, a lungo is larger and thus contains more caffeine than a ristretto. Based on concentration levels of caffeine, these would be the strongest coffee types: RISTRETTO.

What's the world's strongest coffee? ›

Death Wish Coffee brand is marketed as one of the world's strongest coffee brands' Using a unique combination of robusta beans teamed with a specially designed roasting process, the makers of Death Wish Coffee have created a punchy blend, which they strongly believe is the best coffee in the world.

What drink has the most caffeine ever? ›

At 714.3 mg per fluid ounce, DynaPep has the highest caffeine content per ounce of any beverage on the market.

What is a highly caffeinated drink? ›

Energy drinks and coffee are usually thought of as containing the highest amount of caffeine, however we have created a range of teas that provide more caffeine than all of them. One serving of Zest Energy tea contains up to 150 mg of caffeine per serving.

Does a pink drink have caffeine? ›

The Pink Drink is not your typical cup of coffee – it's a light and refreshing caffeinated beverage! With green coffee extract in its Strawberry Acai Refresher base, this drink packs less than one third the caffeine content you'd find in an iced Starbucks Coffee or 1/5th that of a cold brew.

Which coffee is best for staying awake? ›

#1: Espresso

Espresso is the ideal coffee type if you want to stay up late. Coffee from the grocery store will do. However, an ounce of espresso has 45–75 mg of caffeine, compared to 20 mg in an ounce of drip coffee.

What should I order at Starbucks if I like strong coffee? ›

Clover Coffee

Clover brewed coffee generally has high caffeine content, ranging from 155 mg for a short cup to 470 mg for the Venti size. The Clover brewing system also creates the strongest iced coffee at Starbucks. These drinks contain 120 mg to 470 mg of caffeine.

What is the TikTok Starbucks drink? ›

TikTok Iced White Mocha

To order, ask for a venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha. Top it with sweet cream foam and load it with extra caramel drizzle. That means all around the inside of the cup and on top if you're feelin' feisty.

What is Starbucks 25 star? ›

25 Stars: Drink modifications (such as an extra shot). 50 Stars: Any size hot coffee, tea or bakery item. 150 Stars: Handcrafted beverages (including iced coffee), oatmeal or a breakfast sandwich. 200 Stars: Lunch sandwiches, salads or protein boxes.

Does Starbucks have boba? ›

Yes! The company recently launched Starbucks boba coffee popping pearls in the United States. The treats are reminiscent of tapioca balls, and they're filled with Brazilian coffee.

Is Death Wish Coffee FDA approved? ›

Death Wish intends to fully exceed industry standards as it relates to nitrogen-based products, thus halting production of Nitro Cold Brew until this additional step in the manufacturing process is implemented. The company has passed all FDA and state inspections since its founding.

How many cups of Death Wish Coffee is safe? ›

Even 25 cups of coffee a day is still fine-Death Wish Coffee Company.

Why is Death Wish Coffee so strong? ›

Death Wish Coffee Caffeine Contents

Death Wish Coffee proposes that it is the “world's strongest coffee,” due to the combination of beans and special roasting process it uses. This energy-inducing coffee contains 59 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce, while a traditional cup of coffee only has 12 to 16 mg.

Is it OK to sleep in Starbucks? ›

Sleeping, smoking, consuming alcohol, drug use or improper use of restrooms is not permitted.

How many shots of espresso will wake you up? ›

You need two to three shots of espresso to wake up. It typically takes between 100mg (0.004 oz) and 200mg (0.007 oz) of caffeine to wake up a sleepy adult. Espresso shots contain about 63mg (0.002 oz), so two to three shots are sufficient to wake up the majority of people.

Can I take a nap in Starbucks? ›

You don't have to buy a coffee to sit at Starbucks, but you still can't nap there. Starbucks has updated its guest policy to allow people to use its cafe and restrooms without making a purchase.

What coffee has the most kick? ›

Cold brew coffee has the highest amount of caffeine per serving, while espresso has the highest per ounce. Special blends of high-caffeine coffees have also been created.

What is the strongest espresso drink? ›

Ristretto is the most concentrated type of espresso drink, making it the strongest. This type of espresso is made with less hot water than what is normally used and has a shorter extraction time. This specific process creates a sweet and strong flavor that is so intense, some customers prefer to add milk.

Where is Death Wish Coffee? ›

Death Wish Coffee was introduced in 2012. The company was founded by Mike Brown in Saratoga Springs, New York, and is headquartered there. Its production facility is in Round Lake, New York.

How much caffeine is too much? ›

Up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. That's roughly the amount of caffeine in four cups of brewed coffee, 10 cans of cola or two "energy shot" drinks.

What drink gives you the most energy? ›

  • Water. Water is the most crucial energizing ingredient on this list. ...
  • Coffee. Coffee is a recognizable energy booster. ...
  • Green tea. Green tea still contains small amounts of caffeine, but it also has compounds that may help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. ...
  • Yerba maté

Does 7 Up have caffeine? ›

The original 7UP is caffeine-free, low in sodium and made with 100% natural flavors. 7UP is a fantastic drink on its own and is also a perfect addition to meals and recipes for any occasion.

What is the healthiest caffeine drink? ›

Healthiest Energy Drink Choices
  • Tea: Black and green teas provide safe doses of caffeine along with some health benefits from the antioxidants flavonoids they contain. ...
  • Coffee: It's all about a safe dose of caffeine, so be weary of those double espresso shots.
Aug 16, 2022

What is the healthiest caffeine? ›

Bottom line: When it comes to caffeine consumption, coffee or tea (without any added sugars or cream) are among the healthier options.

What has a ton of caffeine? ›

High caffeine foods and drinks include chocolate-covered coffee beans, coffee, energy drinks, espresso, sodas, green tea, black tea, dark chocolate, coffee liqueur, and baked goods containing chocolate.

Is the dragon drink caffeinated? ›

The ingredients include fruit juice with mango and dragon fruit flavors, as well as a scoop of actual dragon fruit, Starbucks says on its website. The drink is also shaken with coconut milk and ice, and it contains caffeine and coconut.

What is in a pink drunk? ›

Recipe Highlights

Pink Drink is a popular Starbucks Refresher beverage made with ice, Strawberry Acai Base, Coconutmilk (Starbucks coconut milk blend), and freeze-dried strawberries. It's a caffeinated drink since there is caffeine in the Strawberry Acai Base. What is this?

What is the best drink to wake you up? ›

10 Beverages to Keep You Awake and Focused
  • Green Tea. Green Tea is the best substitute for coffee. ...
  • Wheatgrass Juice. Wheatgrass is said to be a natural energizer. ...
  • Apple Cider Vinegar. ...
  • Matcha Tea. ...
  • Coconut Water. ...
  • Golden Milk. ...
  • Green Smoothie. ...
  • Lemon Water.
Jul 10, 2021

What should I drink when sleepy? ›

9 Drinks That Help You Sleep
  • Cherry juice. Cherries are stone fruits that vary in flavor depending on the variety. ...
  • Chamomile tea. Chamomile is a daisy-like flower that is part of the Asteraceae family. ...
  • Ashwagandha tea. ...
  • Valerian tea. ...
  • Peppermint tea. ...
  • Warm milk. ...
  • Golden milk. ...
  • Almond milk.
Nov 4, 2019

What do bodybuilders order at Starbucks? ›

What do bodybuilders drink at Starbucks? A lot of bodybuilders typically go for high-protein beverages at Starbucks. A great example of these drinks is the Almond Protein Blended Cold Brew and the Cacao Protein Blended Cold Brew. Not only are these drinks high in protein they are also energy-boosting and plant-based.

How do you ask for strong coffee at Starbucks? ›

How To Order The Strongest Coffee At Starbucks
  1. Ask For Double Shot Espresso. If you want a strong cup of coffee, be sure to ask for a double shot of espresso, which is two shots of coffee instead of one.
  2. Choose To Brew With Dark Toast. Ask for your coffee to be brewed with a dark roast. ...
  3. Another Shot Of Espresso.
Jan 10, 2023

Is espresso stronger than coffee? ›

Espresso typically has 63 mg of caffeine in 1 ounce (the amount in one shot), according to Department of Agriculture nutrition data. Regular coffee, by contrast, has 12 to 16 mg of caffeine in every ounce, on average. That means that ounce for ounce, espresso has more caffeine.

What's stronger than espresso at Starbucks? ›

Clover brewed coffee generally has high caffeine content, ranging from 155 mg for a short cup to 470 mg for the Venti size. The Clover brewing system also creates the strongest iced coffee at Starbucks.

What Starbucks drink has 3 shots of espresso? ›

A Caffe Americano uses three shots of signature espresso roast and hot water. Normal brewed coffee infuses coffee beans with hot water, while an Americano uses shots of espresso and water, giving it a stronger, coffee-filled flavor.

What is the most caffeinated drink? ›

At 714.3 mg per fluid ounce, DynaPep has the highest caffeine content per ounce of any beverage on the market.

Why can I drink espresso but not coffee? ›

Ask for Espresso

But espresso is known for being easier on the stomach for a couple of reasons. First, the combination of high pressure and short extraction time produces a different balance of chemical compounds than the same coffee would in a drip or pour over brew.

How much caffeine is too much a day? ›

Up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. That's roughly the amount of caffeine in four cups of brewed coffee, 10 cans of cola or two "energy shot" drinks.

What does 20 bar espresso mean? ›

A 20 bar espresso machine should technically be capable of forcing heated water through coffee at and up to 20x the present atmospheric pressure of the earth.

What is the strongest and most delicious coffee at Starbucks? ›

If you want the strongest coffee at Starbucks, go with the blonde roast coffee drinks. Starbucks blonde espresso roast has the highest caffeine amount. Whether you prefer it sweet or bitter, there's a type of coffee for everyone. Try them all before making a pick!

What is the hardest coffee to make at Starbucks? ›

According to the Starbucks staff quoted in this Insider article, the hardest coffee order was a venti-sized iced, 10-shot ristretto with breve, vanilla and caramel syrups, Splenda, and poured (not shaken). We've just looked at how tricky the ristretto is to master: now do ten.

Is 4 shots a lot of espresso? ›

The researchers think the caffeine level required for optimal heart health is about four shots' worth of espresso a day, though everyone's caffeine concentrations will be a little different. But don't overdo it.

How many shots in a venti? ›

As a former Starbucks barista explained to Business Insider, both a Grande hot drink (16 oz.) and a Venti hot drink (20 oz.) contain two shots of espresso. Only Venti iced drinks, which are larger (24 oz.), get three shots.

Is it OK to drink 3 shots of espresso? ›

Lethal and Healthy Limits

To reap the many benefits of coffee without risking side effects and/ or potential death, it is recommended that you drink no more than 6 espresso shots or 4 cups of coffee per day.

What is a deathly amount of caffeine? ›

A lethal amount of caffeine is about 180 mg/L, which has been determined by examining the blood of patients who died from overdose. When you consume ~100 mg of caffeine, it raises your blood caffeine levels by about 5 mg/L, meaning it'll take almost 40 cups of coffee to be lethal.


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