The 7 best online shoe clubs... (2023)



The 7 best online shoe clubs... (2)

I regularly indulge in my vices: beer, cheese, and anything pumpkin-based. But no addiction comes even remotely close to my obsessionzapato. There should be a club for that, right? Oh there is. Like Beer of the Month and Cheese of the Month clubs (which I put on my Christmas list every year), shoes are the new monthly subscription to budget for. These are all things I would be spending my money on anyway, so why not work with like-minded people to get great deals and exclusive access to your wants and needs? Here are the 7 best shoe clubs online...


The 7 best online shoe clubs... (3) Preis:$29.95 per month for two pairs, with free
The new kid on the block, eShoeClub, has a lot to do to keep up with its competitors. Therefore, they offer TWO couples for a regular monthly fee - a savings of ten dollars compared to similar clubs. With a huge selection of boots, sandals and heels, you will not be surprised.

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puppy looks suspicious, is fosh...

2iridescent shoe

The 7 best online shoe clubs... (4) Preis:$39.95 per month, free
Have you heard of Kim Kardashian? Well, she does (or does she mind?) do the celebrity voice for Shoe Dazzle. Your monthly shoe selection is based on an independent style questionnaire that you fill out during the application process. Once you receive your five pairs as a gift, there is no obligation to buy, just an obligation to collect the shoes by the 5th of each month. What I like best is that there are also some suggestions that didn't make your top 5 but are available in the same listing.

3Just fabulous

The 7 best online shoe clubs... (5) Preis:$39.95 per month, free
In what looks a lot like Kardashian's signature shoe club, style mavens Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr are ready with the promise of heels and bags you'll covet for your closet. Likewise, there is no obligation to buy from JustFab and trading is easy. The ladies may be right: their wardrobe is spectacular.

4Urban Outfitters Schuhclub

The 7 best online shoe clubs... (6)Pay when you shop
While not necessarily a paid club, an email newsletter sent to you contains a closet full of shoe information, exclusive offers, trends, contests and events - exclusive to Without having to pay or buy in advance, you can just enjoy your mutual love of shoes.

5Tennis Club of the Month J.Crew

The 7 best online shoe clubs... (7) Preis:$ 1.800
Only for the truly shoe obsessed. Featured in their Winter 2007 Gift Catalog, this exclusive (and somewhat unadvertised) gift idea is available by contacting J.Crew Personal Shoppers directly at (866) 739-5944 (we speak exclusivity!). For 12 months, you'll get a pair of shoes worth about $180 (which works out to about $150 a pair—yes, you're saving!). The gift pack (for you, of course), specific flats, heels, or a combination of both can only be resized by size, which is a minor hassle unless you trust their designers. But if you already LOVE everything in a J.Crew catalog, you'll enjoy the luxe swag.

6city ​​shoes

The 7 best online shoe clubs... (8)FREE! (Pay only what you buy)
For the love of shoes! Town Shoes, the Canadian shoe retailer, asks for your name and email address on their homepage to join their shoe-aholic club (it's absolutely free!). And since the club is free, you can buy more shoes you love. The newsletter includes some benefits for members, such as: B.: monthly alerts for shoe addicts, giveaways for store deals, pre-order invitations, free shipping and a chance to win free shoes (they are giving away a name every month)! If you "like" her FB page, you also have a chance to win 52 pairs of shoes. Do you do this for me for free? It's easy and it's my kind of commitment. Falling in love with shoes through the "windows" of the internet.

7hallo stilett

The 7 best online shoe clubs... (9)FREE!
There's no party like a stiletto party! Shoe lovers gather at Hello Stiletto events - a perfect excuse to wear shoes you'll never wear. While the original club started in Boston, this social networking site connects shoe lovers with events, parties and promotions in their own city, with several new chapters being launched across the country. Again, it's completely free to attend, and while the events are free, these venues usually have food and drink bar bars. And a wealthy little bird told me that sponsors sometimes offer delicious drinks or food in fabulous boutiques.

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It's hard for me to go without a good deal, especially when it comes to my shoes. And online shoe clubs have certainly made my shopping experience easier (but let's be honest, not so much on my credit card). How did you start your addiction to shoes... um, shopping today? Or do you belong to another wonderful shoe club that I should know about?

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  • puppy#1looks suspicious, is fosh
  • karen pI've tried both Shoe Dazzle and Just Fab... Shoe Dazzle is far superior to Just Fab. The shoes are true to size (that's the most important thing to me!) and consistency in customer service counts very much.
  • unedelI'm a member of Shoe Dazzle and Just fab. Since I don't wear heels larger than 4 inches, I tend to shop at Shoe Dazzle. Because I can tell them not to show me shoes larger than 4 inches. The other side doesn't give me that option. Most heels are 5 inches or more. I just checked the Eshoeclub website. They don't show enough information about the shoes, such as the heel height. They need a better and more complete description of each shoe. And the shoes look like a bit cheap too. Beware of Shoe Privee, they will bill you every month whether you buy it or not. I wish there was a shoe club for men. My husband is so jealous.
    • SheilaHaha Dina, Well I don't think guys love their shoes enough to deserve a shoe club ;) Thanks for your feedback on these sites. Very helpful! Keep visiting AWS.
  • ElaineI'm a Shoedazzle and Justfab member and have ordered 3 pairs from Justfab and 5 pairs from Shoedazzle so far. Shoedazzle offers a better selection in my opinion, they listen to your wishes and returns/exchanges are easy with the returns label (haven't used it yet). At justfab the selection is good but I ordered a bridal shoe and the selection was no different than what I normally get. The last pair I received was defective and since there was no printer to print a return label I was left with the defective shoe. Also, justfab has to remove shoes that are out of stock as it's frustrating waiting for a pair to be back in stock, but it never does. All in all, it's the great shoe I want to stick with.
  • gypsyI belong to both Shoe Dazzle and Fab. Shoe Dazzle is light years better. The service is top notch, each box comes with a return label, if you don't want it send it back. Simply Fab requires you to request a return code. Your shoes are not that good. Your customer service is non-existent. If I have a shoe fading problem, all I need is an email. I've been trying the same thing for 2 weeks with just fabulous, and so far nothing but letter forms telling me they can't help me. so... soon you will be a member of Shoe Dazzle.
    • SheilaHello Gypsy Rose, Thank you for sharing your experience. Our readers will love you! =)



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